Google Introduces New Ad extensions in Adwords

Google Introduces New Ad extensions in Adwords

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  • On May 23, 2010
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Google has been introducing new ad extensions in Adwords. As per the blog post Manage and Track your extensions with the new Ad Extensions tab the new extensions will help advertisers reach out to the relevant people searching relevant information very effectively.
Ad extensions help make the ad more relevant. The standard ads may help to provide the base information but sometime more information can help search and firm up buying decision for the searchers.  for example a picture with product description could be more appealing. Various extensions existed are Product Extensions, Video Extensions, Location Extensions, Multiple Addresses for Location Extensions, Click-to-Call Phone Extensions
More information about the extension can be found at:

Google introduced a new tab in the Adwords interface. The tab provides access to statistics for any of your campaign ad extensions. The PPC Consultant can choose to see “All” or “All but deleted” extensions, and you can also choose the type of ad extensions to view, such as location or product extensions.
Adwords Ad Extension Tag
The release is a step forward to make the adwords more precise and helps the PPC Consulting companies to target the adwords campaigns more precisely. We strongly recommend to use and fine tune based on your needs.
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