Google Introduces Customer Match For Shopping

Google Introduces Customer Match for Shopping

In 2015 Google provided us with Remarketing for Shopping in order for advertisers to connect with previous visitors on site. Now Google have announced Customer Match for Shopping. According to Google this provides

the opportunity to focus campaigns on your highest value audiences: your previous purchasers, reward members, newsletter subscribers, or local in-store shoppers”

Customer Match for Shopping

The good news is that Customer Match is not only available across Search, Gmail, YouTube but now Shopping! Advertisers will now be able to bid up for segments who offer high value to your company on Shopping. For example, sporting retailers can take advantage of the Premier League Season which starts in August by advertising to those die-hard football fans who buy football paraphernalia prior to the football season…


You can increase bids on this high purchase intent group through segmentation and show ads to them at the right time and at the right price. This is likely to increase conversion rate, and more importantly keep your highest value audiences well-served!

Customer Match for Shopping
Many Broadplace customers have enjoyed success using Google Adword’s Shopping remarketing lists to entice customers back to their website. We spoke about Customer Match earlier this year, detailing how to use it to your advantage.
It goes one step further than remarketing, by using your email database to retarget previous clients with relevant ads to tempt them back to you and make further purchases. Customer Match for Shopping allows you to segment customers and increase your bids for this segment. So when your target customer searches for your product, there you will be, right when they need you. Plus, this means you can really stretch your ad spend to work harder for you – targeting known, high-value customers.

What Can Customer Match for Shopping Really Do For You?

It allows you to target specific segments that are a key focus for your business, such as:

  • Loyalty scheme members
  • Previous Purchasers
  • Newsletter subscribers
  • Local offline shoppers

But, the beauty is, you can also target other important focus audiences:

  • Seasonal purchasers
  • Low value purchasers
  • Event purchasers from last year (e.g. Christmas/Mother’s Day)

This will be rolled out later this Summer so if you are keen to know more please do get in touch.
Contact us for more info about Customer Match for Shopping

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