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Google Has Fun On April Fools’ Day (New AdBirds Feature)

As I’m sure you’re all aware, Google enjoys a good April Fools’ day prank, and 2014 is no exception. I logged into My Client Center this morning to start my day’s work and saw a notification for Google’s new feature, “Google AdBirds”. Being the curious person I am, I clicked the link to find out exactly what it was and was greeted with the following image.

The top line reads, “A new ad format that takes your campaign to new heights by placing ads on real birds. Select your bird and write your ad. Then, you’re ready for takeoff.”


Now I’m sure that not many people would have fallen for this cunning ruse, but it was very funny nonetheless – you can click on the type of “AdBird” you would like with each bird offering a different advertising strength.


The Sparrow

The Owl

The Duck

The Eagle

The Pigeon

The Penguin

This April Fools’ day prank is probably one of my favourites in recent years, as it is directly related to my job and gave me a bit of a chuckle on an otherwise normal Tuesday morning of bid changing and reporting.

Written by Richard Heelas

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