Google Gets Rid of Some of its Products in a Major Clear Out

Google Gets Rid of Some of its Products in a Major Clear Out

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  • On September 26, 2011
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Google is changing. The news headlines have been full of developments concerning Google+ in recent weeks. But the latest news from Google has got nothing to do with its newest products. Instead it has decided to have a clear out of some of its older and less exciting products in order to make way for bigger and better ones.
No doubt some people will be disappointed with some of the casualties that were reported in Google’s blog announcement. But for the most part the casualties will not be missed.
Google Desktop may be one of the best known among them, a facility that allowed you to have a number of gadgets in a sidebar on your computer. The move to cloud based computing looks to have sounded the death knell for this particular Google service.
Among the other services to have bitten the dust include:

  • Fast Flip – making it easier to read and view news content online
  • Subscribed Links – enabling specialised search results to be created
  • Google Web Security – protecting against malware

The one thing that ties most of these services in together is the fact that they are unknown even to exist by many people. No doubt some will miss one or more of them but it has been noted that the vast majority of the services have fallen by the wayside somewhat. They have also been replaced by bigger and better services elsewhere. A classic example is Aardvark, which was bought out by Google last year. This was a social search experiment but Google now believes that it can do better with other tools in the future.
Some people will no doubt question whether Google is doing the right thing by getting rid of some of these products. For example if Google wants to achieve more in the realm of social search, why not continue with Aardvark instead of starting from scratch? It remains to be seen whether any of the products that are exiting stage left are going to be missed in the months to come.
If you are using any of the products that are disappearing, now is the time to find an alternative. It looks as though Google is going to develop other products and services to replace the functionality that will be lost when these products disappear. But there is also the opportunity for people to go out into the wider internet and find other service providers with better gadgets, software and methods for achieving the same purposes.
One wonders whether Google will regret ditching some of these products as time rolls on. It remains to be seen whether they have made a number of smart decisions or whether they have made an error or two in there as well. It would be ideal if almost every SEO company keeps track of these changes and does its level best to catch up with Google as fast as possible.

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