Google v/s Facbook A social Media Clash

Google v/s Facebook : A social Media Clash

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  • On September 16, 2010
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Google is Set To Go Head To Head With Facebook. Despite being one of the most recognisable brands worldwide, Google is continuing to step up its expansion by pushing further into the social media arena and building a website to take on the mighty Facebook.
Google’s next big project and latest foray into this market could launch in the next few months and was recently confirmed by Google’s Chief Executive Officer, Eric Schmidt, at a press conference as a reply to comments made by a Facebook Executive. Facebook themselves described Google’s forthcoming social media website as “a fairly significant social-media platform.”
The news comes as no surprise following Google surrendering its undisputed daily hits crown to Facebook in March of this year, as Facebook racked up more visitors than its competitor in the United States. It was the first ever time that Facebook’s traffic exceeded Google’s. The search engine giant has been looking to expand its social media offerings for some time given the fact that its current services, Buzz and Orkut have failed to compete with Facebook’s growth, and it appears that falling behind in hits became the catalyst for action.
“Facebook is the leader in the emerging social web. Google is Facebook’s most direct competitor, because Google is dominant in the previous generation of the web, the content-centric web.” said Ray Valdes, an analyst at American-based Gartner Inc.
Google’s latest plans for expansion continue their theme of acquisition and expansion on for this year. They have currently made around 20 purchases in 2010, compared with five last year and it is thought they are stepping up their buying to further enhance their social features and capabilities.
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