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Google Caffeine Release Complete Update

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  • On June 12, 2010
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All of you webmasters who had been noticing the faster and faster indexing of your web pages / blog posts etc now are sure that the Caffeine release is completed. In its blog post Our new search index: Caffeine Google has announced the completion of a new web indexing system called Caffeine. It will help users find fresh and relevant content on Google’s search pages 50% faster compared to its previous index. This would simply mean that the content posted on the Internet be it news article, blog posts or any other information will find links to relevant content quickly after it has been published.
When users search for information on Google’s homepage they are actually not searching it on the live Internet they are looking out for content on Google’s index of the web. It is a collection of information which Google has stored and once the searcher types his search query in the search bar Google returns with relevant information from its indexed pages.
The content on the Internet is multiplying at lightning speed, photos, news articles, blogs, forums and discussions, videos and the real time updates have made the web an information hub which is being updated every second. This is making the content richer, more accurate and complex at the same time. Searchers want relevant and precise information amid all this the publishers are trying their best by publishing content as and when anything happens. The publishers want the published information to reach the searchers as soon as possible after it is posted on the Internet.
To meet the demands of the users and the content publishers Google has built Caffeine. The search engine had a layer based index previously, the most important layer used to be updated in a couple of weeks. This was resulting in delay between the content being posted on the web and its availability to the searchers.
Caffeine will help Google analyze the web in small parts and will update its search index continuously worldwide. Google will add the new pages to its index at a much faster rate which means fresh information will be available to the searchers irrespective of where and when the content is being published.
With Caffeine Google will index pages at a vast scale and speed, to be precise every second. It has the capacity to take up 100 million gigabytes of storage in a single database and add fresh information at the rate of hundreds of thousands of gigabytes per day. The ultimate goal is to serve users with relevant and updated information every time they search for something on Google.
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