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Google and Broadplace Advertising invite Surrey Businesses to ‘Maximise Their Return Online’

On the evening of the 12th October, around 80 Surrey based businesses, big and small, gathered at Lakeside Country Club to learn some tips of the Google trade from Max Macintosh, a Google Senior Industry Manager and several Adwords professionals from Broadplace Advertising. The event, hosted by the Surrey Chambers of Commerce, aimed to educate local businesses on the different types of online advertising available.

Surrey Event
From the left: Jim Houlden, Head of Client Accounts- Broadplace Advertising, Max Macintosh, Senior Industry Head- Google, Ajay Syal, Sales & Marketing Director- Broadplace, & Rohit Chugh, MD- Broadplace

The evening comprised of a ‘Maximise your Return Online’ seminar, a Q&A session and networking opportunities after the event. Attendees learnt about Google search and display networks, Google Analytics, mobile advertising, search trends and much more.
Max Macintosh, from Google made the following comments after the event:
“I was delighted to attend this event to support Surrey’s SMEs. Google strongly believes in the growth of SMEs, as they are one of the driving forces behind the UK’s growing Internet economy. We will continue to work towards helping and supporting small businesses to get online and maximise their returns.”
Jim Houlden, Head of Client Accounts at Broadplace Advertising, comments:
“I have only been working at Broadplace for a short time so felt even more privileged to be involved in this event. The online community is expanding at a phenomenal rate and is it amazing to think that so many businesses are missing out on this huge advertising potential. At Broadplace we manage all kinds of accounts, from family run businesses to blue chip companies. Regardless of the size of the account, we feel it’s important for every one of our clients to have the opportunity to understand all aspects of the marketing platforms available and their benefits.”
Carol Squires, Business Support Organisation for the Surrey Chambers of Commerce, adds:
“I think the event provided a fabulous opportunity for small to medium sized businesses to see how they can tap into this brilliant marketing opportunity. Many of us have a vision that Google only services large companies, when actually SMEs amount to over 80% of Surrey’s business community. This event was a real eye opener.”
Broadplace takes this opportunity to thank Surrey Chambers of Commerce & Google for the initiative to help the SMEs getting online. And in order for companies to see how Google marketing can boost their business, Broadplace are offering free account set up and a £50 voucher for new Google customers and a free account healthcheck for existing Google advertisers.
To find out more, please call Broadplace sales on 0207 993 9853 or email
You can download the Google event presentation from here

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