Google and Bing strengthening the Social Signals

Google and Bing strengthening the Social Signals

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  • On December 17, 2010
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Social search online has now become more relevant to users than the regular searches that happen on search engines. Search engines like Google and Bing are trying their best to integrate information from social networks like Twitter, Facebook etc and making the social signals strong.
Bing has already become a major influencer with its Facebook Liked Results feature. With this feature the searchers on Bing can get to know all the likes that people in their Facebook friend list have. With the help of this feature the users get to know what are their friends are following and discussing about the searches they are doing online. This in a way is making search more specific to users as they would trust the views of their own friends on a particular subject rather than those of people who they do not know.
Google also with its RealTime Search Feature has given a new dimension to social search. Searchers can search for the content they wish to and can get to know what their online social circle is talking about the same on Twitter. The information gets updated as and when the content gets added by the users online. This search can be customized location wise and as per time.
Both Google and Bing make use of authority while deciding the relevancy of the links that are shared on Facebook and Twitter. Google looks at the author authority which means at the quality of the content and then lists the content in the organic listing. Bing judges the Social authority which is the relevancy of people who are active on the social networks through tweets, updates etc.
Creating social networks online is not a new phenomenon and search engines are giving users highly relevant results that are coming from their own friends online. On the other hand there are numerous links that are building up through these social signals and will play a vital role in influencing Search Engine Optimisation. Google and Bing have also confirmed that the links that are shared on Facebook and Twitter affect the rankings in a major way.
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