Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add On

Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on

All of you who wished that Google Analytics should not count your own visits to your site; Here is a solution Greater choice and transparency for Google Analytics
Google has announced the availability of opt-out browser add-on. The Beta version of teh add-on got release on 25-May.  It provides users a choice to not to send the data to Google Analytics. The add-on stops data from being sent from your computer when you visit websites that use Google Analytics Javascript (ga.js) to track usage.
All of us who analyse the data / visits / Visitor profile using Google Analytics; we always had to subtract our own visits. Sometimes it really was painful and we always though Google should provide some effective tool in Analytics itself to take care of the discrepancies. The add on is definitely a way forward in that direction and I am sure Google Analytics users will love it for sure.
You can download the beta version of as-on here
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