Google Adds Bid Ideas in Opportunities Tab of Adwords

Google Adds Bid Ideas in Opportunities Tab of Adwords

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  • On February 14, 2010
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Google Adwords interface has been effectively providing Keywords and Budget ideas from “Opportunity” tab for last few months. This immnesly helped the PPC Consulting company like Broadplace (As you are already aware of). This benefit was passed on to our customers and we could see good ROI from PPC budget of our customers.

Google Adwords Bid Ideas

Now, Google has added more functionality to the Opportunities tab with the introduction of bid ideas. Bid ideas, based on bid simulator data. This will  help raise or lower bids on specific keywords to improve AdWords ROI. This is one more functionality that we as a PPC Company plan to use it for our customers. This takes care of Whether you wish to decrease overall costs or increase traffic to your website, customized bid ideas can help determine exactly which bids to adjust to make the most of advertising budget.

The Graph showing click versus cost for a range of bid amounts can help get the visual interpretation to take a quick (But good decision).
The data definitely provides a good ideas regarding the bidding range and when analysed by Adwords professional ; the same can be very potent to increase ROI of the Adwords budget.
We, at Broadplace, plan to test the feature extensively and roll out the same for our Google Adwords PPC Clients
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