Good SEO Is Not All About The Words

Good SEO Is Not All About The Words

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  • On March 16, 2011
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Most webmasters know that search engine optimisation is an important consideration if their website is going to be included in a good place in the search engine results. If no consideration is given to SEO at all, a website is likely to rank lower than it would if careful consideration was given to all aspects of search engine optimisation.
With that said though, it is easy to make the mistake of focusing only on the words and forgetting that the rest of the site has a purpose too. For instance an important part of getting the SEO just right is to include a site map. Think of this as a person whose specific job is to show the search engine bots around the site, making sure they see everything and don’t miss a single page. They will also help show visitors around the site.
It might be a strange way to imagine the situation but I’m sure you can see the importance. If the site map wasn’t there it would be more likely that things would be missed. It could even be that certain pages are not indexed at all, due to a lack of direction.
The design of the site is also highly important. Lots of webmasters seem to like using Flash when creating their sites. It is easy to see why – it looks good and it can be extremely eye catching.
But don’t assume that a good keyword heavy caption can be included in a Flash demonstration and be picked up by the search engines. This won’t happen, because search engines are basically blind to Flash. They can’t see the words within it and so you will be missing out on a lot of traffic if your whole home page consists of Flash.
You can see that the design of the website should always adhere to certain SEO rules, simply to ensure the website receives the most visitors and achieves the best possible results. For example you can use Flash quite happily but don’t make it the be all and end all. Similarly if you use keywords in a Flash presentation, know that you will need to use them elsewhere as well to achieve the best results.
Every stage of a website needs to be carefully thought through with the onus on SEO at every stage. Even if you have already got a website up and running it is never too late to redesign certain aspects of it or change things so you can achieve better results and gain more traffic as a result. The key to success is to think about how you can focus on the visual aspects of your site as well as the words, so you can enjoy the best results possible all the time.

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