Get your business on Google with Places for Business!

Get your business on Google with Places for Business!

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  • On August 21, 2013
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According to Google, over ninety percent of its consumers search for local businesses using the internet – this probably equates to billions all over the world. Why wouldn’t you want to get in on this with your own business listing on Google Search and Google Maps?
This is how your business listing will show up:

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How Your Business Can Best Benefit From Google Places
If you are a local business, you will be able to make sure that people find out about you by listing yourself in Google places.
There are several benefits to using the Google places feature. For a start, you will have an obvious edge over rivals that don’t have a Google places listing, giving you an immediate advantage.
Another benefit is that the feature increases the likelihood of you coming up in the first page of any search results. The search engine lists its own Google places listings before the normal search results. Even if the website is not scoring highly in those normal results, you will be able to get onto the first page by ensuring that you properly optimise your listing.
In addition, customers will be able to use your business directly without having to visit your website. Fortunately, though, internet users that would rather access your business in full will be able to do so easily without too much trouble.
Your customers will also be able to leave their ratings of your business with Google places, which will naturally help (hopefully) your reputation online. There is also a chance that your listing will be shared by users of social media – for instance, when people update their Facebook status, they will be able to include their location (i.e. your business premises) – meaning that your social media visibility will then receive a boost.
How to Submit Your Site to Google Places
Here are the three steps to get your business up to speed with Google Places:
First is to log in with your Google Account at Google Places for Business.
Then click on “Add new business” or “Find Your Business”.
And lastly, verify your listing and click Finish.
Simple, isn’t it?
Once you’re set up, it’s a good idea to register with Google+ in order to complement your Google Places listing with social sharing, etc. If you haven’t set up a Google+ account yet, all you have to do is use your Google email address.
Try it out and start getting listed!
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