How To Get Started With Low-Cost Video Advertising

How To Get Started With Low-Cost Video Advertising

Video advertising is growing amongst businesses within all sectors and more companies are investing in this to push their sales forward. It is a valuable marketing tool in gaining consumer interest, and even though it can be more expensive than other techniques, there are ways to make it more affordable. With many low-cost options available to choose from, you can get started today. Video content works really well on product pages, as you can explain product features and sales points in a straightforward and interesting way. Consumers prefer visual content over text, so videos are a powerful addition to any digital marketing campaign.

Video Testimonials

Popular amongst ecommerce stores, they provide social proof and instil trust into consumers more than text reviews. Create testimonials from real clients on your product pages to improve sales conversions. You can even get your customers to shoot their own videos to send to you in return for a discount or free gift for example. What could be easier? And both parties benefit!

DIY Animation

Explainers videos created by marketing agencies can cost thousands, but you can easily create one yourself. There are many tools you can use to help you with this. Just make sure they are engaging and attractive to your potential market. Free tutorials are often available online so you can brush up on your skills before getting stuck in.

Screenshot Presentations

Screenshot presentations are a great way to get started with your video marketing. You can purchase an affordable podcasting microphone to use for creating these. Simply write a script, create visuals using Powerpoint and put everything together. The good news is you do not need an expensive camera for this either.


Hire freelancers to create your video content for you. It will be cheaper than an in-house team. Audio mixing is an important part of video content and a freelance audio engineer can create a professional finish for you.

Live Video

Did you know that Facebook users spend three times the amount of time viewing live videos than standard video? Facebook Live is free and the content does not need to be top quality, so this is ideal for businesses on a budget. Connect with your audience in realtime and engage them in your current products and services without having to spend on editing software or expensive camera equipment. Invite them to ask you questions or even set up a competition that they can take part in.

Video content is well worth investing in as part of any digital marketing campaign. Use the footage on your website and across your social media platforms to engage customers and invite them to make a purchase with you. Live streams on Instagram and Facebook are very quick and easy to set up and would be a great starting point for any business. Use the other techniques above to create a comprehensive digital marketing plan using decent digital content to push your business forward.

Plan for digital marketing campaign with an influential addition of video marketing. Use your creativity in making Video testimonials, Live Videos etc. to make consumer easily understand visually and graphically. To know more visit us on now!

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