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Future Proof Website Mobilegeddon 2

If you didn’t have a mobile-friendly site at the end of April last year, you may want to ensure you have one in the next month or so. That’s because Google will soon be rolling out another algorithm update that has been dubbed “Mobilegeddon 2”, by a handful of people. The reason we’re not panicking too much? Well, the results of Mobilegeddon (the original) were varied and by no means as bad as the media would have had us believe.
But… this is yet another indication (if any was needed) that without a mobile-friendly site in the future, you won’t be smiled upon by the Google gods, you will find your keyword rankings going down on mobile and users will give you a higher bounce rate. None of which sounds particularly healthy for any business.

Mobilegeddon 2 Advice

Our advice? Get a responsive site (as recommended by Google) and make sure that all pages on your site are mobile-friendly. Many sites last year simply updated their home page and key pages to get around the update. Having ‘partially mobile-optimised pages’ just won’t cut it. You still lose visibility on those pages that aren’t optimised. If you need to check your website’s pages, you can do so very quickly, using Google’s own tool, Mobile-Friendly Test

Mobilegeddon Review

A recent study looked at the winners and losers of ‘Mobilegeddon’ last year and came back with some surprising results. The Guardian did really well, gaining 40 visibility points on mobile. The Wall Street Journal, on the other hand, had just 35 in total. lost about 90% of its visibility, the mobile version still only has about 26 points of visibility:
Mobilegeddon2 Yell
The Monarchy has thoroughly modernised itself over the past few decades, but not to the point of ensuring that it had a mobile-friendly website. their official website has a 37% disparity between mobile and desktop. Furthermore, their keyword rankings are 50% fewer when it comes to mobile.
Mobilegeddon 2 British Monarchy website

Mobile visibility for the British Monarchy’s official website

Even the ever-popular HuffingtonPost here in the UK suffered as a result of the roll out of . It lost a massive 87% of its mobile visibility on
HuffPo Mobilegeddon
So, as you can see, even the big players can be caught out by this type of update. And, given the relatively mild effects of the update last year on most websites, you could be forgiven for thinking that you won’t be impacted this time round. Well, we tend to err on the side of caution here. Better to ensure that your entire site is mobile friendly – for both ranking and user experience reasons.
One of our experts would be glad to talk through what this might mean for your website. Give us a call on 020 7993 9853. If you’d like to take a quick look at our previous work (before and after shots), click here to see our responsive, bespoke and *affordable* websites. Call us for more details.

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