First Steps Towards SEO!

First Few Steps Towards SEO!

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  • On October 8, 2010
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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a combination of “On Page” and “Off Page” efforts. It is a discipline which needs a lot of research, experimentation and analysis. A Good SEO expert decides on various hypotheses and sets up test cases and keeps fine tuning the technique. And as we know; Search Engines keep changing algorithm and one has to accept  “what was true yesterday may not be true today”. Thus, I would advise businesses to choose a right SEO consulting company and choose the right SEO package as per the need. Having said so; there are a few SEO must dos which web site owners can do right away. These are the basic points which are absolutely needed before a serious SEO effort can begin.
Understand Your Site Flow:
Before you actually think about how Google or any other search engine is looking at your website please analyse how you’re your website visitor is navigating though your website. Does the website clearly separate out various concepts / products / services on different headings? Are there confusing / duplicate pages? Are the pages linked well? These questions really help you to have a site which is well structured from the user perspective. After all search engines want the users to have a positive experience on the site. And also it helps you as a business if you can have a better site.
Set Up Tools:
You should be implementing Google Webmaster as well as Google analytics tools. If not very advanced set up but at least the basic ones. These tools help you understand which keywords are getting a good traction. Who all from where all are visiting your site? There are lots of features that can help you understand the users as well as crawler’s interaction with your site. The tools will helps you submit and verify sitemap; you will be able to know HTML / Broken link issues. Google Webmaster tool will also help you understand crawl errors and many other parameters.
Basic Tech SEO:
There are a few absolute must dos:

  • Submit XML sitemaps to search engines.
  • Submit the website in a few Web Directories
  • Remove all dead Links
  • have an apt Title and description at least for the home page
  • If your site has unwanted external links in the footer; please remove them.

There is a long list but I suppose to start the SEO process before you appoint an SEO expert these will suffice.
Have Content and Social Media Strategy:
Your site needs to be getting updated frequently. The content should not be there just for the sake of SEO; it has to be integrated well with your offerings. And the content also should be interesting for your visitors. Think how you can generate such content… You will also need to have a proper Social Media Strategy which gels well with your positioning and your content strategy. You will need people talking good about you and mentioning / sharing your content on their profile.
Last but very important; you need to know which keywords rightly reflect your business. You can be ambitious to choose very competitive single keywords but please remember that it will involve more efforts and investment. I would suggest a good mix of both tough and a bit of long tails keywords should be ok to start with.
What next; you will have to look for a Good SEO Consulting Company and start your next level SEO journey.

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