Adwords Filter to allow Content Network Ads on top 1000 sites

Filter to Allow Content Network Ads on Top 1000 Sites

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  • On May 27, 2010
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Google has been continuously improving the features and solutions on the Google Content Network. The latest release (New tool for brand advertisers on the Google Content Network (
Some of the changes that we have seen over last year are

  • Frequency Capping : ( Frequency capping limits the number of times your ads appear to the same unique user on the Google Content Network. It doesn’t apply to the Search Network.)
  • Above the fold filter : it helped serve the adverts where they are seen at right place.
  • And of course the change which we are seeing to improve on the tools to measure the impact of the brand campaigns.

Google yesterday launched a filter which will allow the brand campaigners to target to Ad Sense sites among the 1000 largest on the web. The feature helps to reach out to large number of sites but only those which are authentic and has a solid user base. The Top 1000 list is defined by DoubleClick Ad Planner
How to activate :
To activate the new filter, select ‘non Ad Planner 1000’ within the ‘category filters’ section of your AdWords account. Keep in mind that not all sites in the Ad Planner 1000 are in the Google Content Network and that your ads will only show on those sites that are.
A word of caution: By enabling the feature ; you may stop appearing on some of our niche but high performing content sites which are very relevant to your product / service. We strongly recommend that have a look at the existing performance of the content network before enabling the feature.
Just in case you are not on content network; you may like to enable the feature and see the response.
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