Extensions & Adrank

Extensions & Adrank

What is Adrank?

Your adrank takes into account the predicted impact of ad extensions. This essentially means that ad extensions will have an impact on the price you pay per click (cpc) and the position your ad is eligible to show in.
Adrank is a more important factor in the algorithm which decides whether your ad will be displayed with different extensions/formats.
-> Adrank is a value assigned within Google AdWords.
-> Adrank is assigned at keyword level.
-> Adrank is calculated every time your ad is eligible to appear.
-> Adrank determines where on the page your ad is eligible to show.
How Is Adrank Calculated?
The primary factors in calculating Adrank is:
-> Quality Score
Your Quality Score is a value assigned at various levels of your account. The most important element of Quality Score is:
-> CTR (Click-Through-Rate)
What Are Ad Extensions?

Location extensions

Call extensions


Adding your business address number. Adding a number or “click to call” button. Additional deep links to related pages.


Social annotations

Seller ratings

App extensions

Sitelink Descriptions

Show endorsements from users on your ads. Add customer-submitted ratings to your ad Click To Download” button on your ad Additional descriptions to support sitelinks

What Do We Do?
-> Make sure that clients’ accounts have up to date, and relevant extensions and ad formats.
-> The impact (largely CTR) of your extensions and ad formats (mobile) will see changes for you in terms of your CPCs and Avg. Position.
-> This affects your competitors, even if everything in your account remained the same in terms of Adrank. If their extension impact is greater they will likely see reduced CPC and improved position. Which will knock on to you!
-> Monitor Your Quality Scores – Either take an account benchmark or use a QS tracking script to benchmark your quality scores so you can assure this variable stays the same.
-> Create a spreadsheet for all our clients to document which extensions and ad formats are implemented + the key metrics. (CTR, impression, click type, conversions)
-> Check out the CTRs of your extensions/formats, benchmark, optimise.
Remember this takes into account the predicted impact of ad extensions and formats, so don’t go extension crazy thinking your Adrank will jump. Make sure they are useful and will actually have an impact on CTR.

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