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Everything You Need To Know About Expanded Text Ads

As you may be aware, Google removed right hand ads earlier this year. This has freed up space on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), so Google has now introduced expanded text ads. It’s a big deal because this shift to a more mobile-friendly experience is the biggest update for AdWords since it was started 15 years ago. Google wanted to update itself for a world where over half of the trillion searches a year take place via mobile.

Expanded Text Ads Before and After

Expanded text ads move away from the traditional vital statistics of a standard text ad 25-35-35.]
They allow for two headlines – both 30 characters long – and one long 80 character description line. They automatically wrap the text when viewed on different devices.
That’s 47% more text for your buck!
Expanded Text Ads Before and After
You can stand out even more and provide users with more of an overview of your business’ offering before they click. You can highlight your key selling points, such as free shipping or security features of your site. The domain will automatically be extracted from the final URL. You can also add two paths extra (using up to 15 characters).
Expanded Text Ads Before and After

Expanded Text Ads Best Practices

Google have published a best-practice guide, the three main pointers that they’re giving to advertisers are:

  1. To create multiple expanded text ads for each ad group and test them – evaluate their performance before deleting or pausing your existing ads.

  2. Remember to include the successful aspects of your existing campaigns – include important information about your business and services/products

  3. Focus on your headlines – they’re the first things that customers see.


Our Advice…

We’d advise you to take this opportunity to create something new, rather than just tacking on an extra headline. Think about what you can say with all that extra text. Test out offers, emotive descriptions and calls to actions.
Expanded Text Ads tips
You can create and edit your  ads in bulk to save time (AdWords Editor and AdWords API both support expanded text ads). From 26th October 2016, you won’t be able to create the old, standard text ads so it’s best to jump on board and start using them now, as our Broadplace team members are doing right now.

Watch Out For Headline Appearances

Because the ads are now being served on different devices, the way they appear may change depending on the device they are being viewed on and the screen size of that device. So headlines might share a line if short, they might appear on different lines, or if they’re too long, Google might just truncate them leaving a … at the end of the headline. Bear this in mind.
Expanded Text Ads - Headlines

Update Your Ad Extensions

Some of the information in your ad extensions can now go in your headline or extended description, freeing up space for other items. Don’t simply repeat key points – Google won’t serve the ad extension if it’s repetitive.

Expanded Text Ads Case Study

We have been testing expanded text ads for a number of our clients, including a key account which is a national retailer with over 300 branches. For them we have been focusing on enticing offers and discounts. We have been running Expanded Text Ads since the 23rd June and the positive stats to come out from this so far are that:

    • Clicks have increased by 108%
    • CTR improved by 37%.
    • Conversion increased by 85%
    • Cost per conversion has come down by 14%.

We have been focusing on the Brand retail stores campaign and looking to push Click and Collect and now will be introducing these to our Generic campaigns.
If you’d like to get ahead of the game (and many of your competitors) get in touch with us today to find out how we can use our expertise to grow your business.
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