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Expanded Text Ads – The Results So Far

by Dan Pillay, Head of Operations, Broadplace Advertising
Earlier this year we reported on the introduction of Google’s Expanded Text Ads. Here at Broadplace, we’re seeing that the average Clickthrough Rate (CTR) of Expanded Text Ads is 188% higher than standard text ads across our client base this September.
Expanded Text Ads before and after
This is great news for all the advertisers we’ve been working with testing and iterating through ad variation. The future looks bright and we’ll keep testing and working on these ad variations over the coming months.
It’s not just CTR that’s doing well though as we’ve seen advertisers Increase Position by up to 15% the improved CTR is having a knock on effect on conversions and position – meaning more real estate and more awareness.
We’re excited by these initial results from Expanded Text Ads and are looking forward to further roll out of products like expanded dynamic search ads, responsive ads and other betas.
As a Google Premier Partner, we have extremely high best practise adoption amongst our clients fulfilled by our highly trained account management team and our ever expanding technology suite CampaignHub which uses the latest intelligence and techniques to optimise and implement features in our clients’ accounts.

Our Top Tips for making the most of Expanded Text Ads:

  • Try different versions of your long-form text ad. Aim to try out 3-5 ads per group to really hone it.
  • Test headlines – with the extra headline to play with, you can try all sorts of variations
  • If it worked before, try it again. Successful ads can simply be expanded with more useful information for users
  • You don’t have to use all the extra space – brand terms for instance might just need your company name
  • Don’t get rid of your existing text ads. You still have time to test the ETAs alongside these, so keep them running. Google recommends leaving them running until your ETAs are consistently performing better.
  • Make sure that you tailor the ETAs across ad groups – don’t just copy and paste.
  • Shoehorning in an extra headline without adapting the rest of the text won’t work. Remember – you don’t have to put in an extra headline if it’s not necessary.
  • Make sure the ETAs are still aligned the user’s search query.
  • Remember the product information that has enticed customers before and reuse that. Test it multiple ways.

Bing Expanded Text Ads

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