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Exclusive Features in the new Google Ads Experience

From the 11th October, you will be unable to access the old AdWords interface. The new Google Ads has a number of exclusive new features that weren’t available in the previous AdWords.

I have compiled a list of the most useful ones to review to help you ensure that your customers’ accounts are using the new features to their full potential.


Account Optimisation

The overview page lets you review your performance at a glance. It includes a summary of your performance and other insights. There is an overview for your entire account, as well as campaigns and ad groups. Each overview includes several summary cards with key metrics. You can adjust the overall date range to change the data on your summary cards.

New Google AdWords Interface


Ad Creation

Promotion extensions add more value to your text ads by highlighting your promotions for people that are searching for the best deals.


New Google AdWords Interface

Ad Variations make is easy for you to test multiple versions of your ads by changing up the headline or description text, testing out different promotions, or highlighting the benefits of your product or service.

New Google AdWords Interface

When you edit an ad and save it, you create a new version of your ad. Version history lets you go back and see previous versions of your ad, as well as data on how they performed.

New Google AdWords Interface



Call bid adjustments is a new feature in Google Ads. It works by adjusting bids to get call extensions to show more or less often in mobile search ads.

New Google AdWords Interface


Conversion Tracking

Easier, more accurate conversion tracking! Create a new website conversion action to access a global site tag, which offers easier integration with other programs like Google Analytics.



Audience Manager unifies targeting options for the Google Display Network and RLSA. To find it, click the main tool icon in the upper right hand of your account, and click ‘Audience Manager’.



Shopping campaigns (goal-optimised) works by maximising your conversion value and expanding your reach. You can do this by simplifying your campaign management with goal optimise campaigns.


New Google AdWords Interface

Showcase Shopping Ads: Get customers interested in your brand or business by grouping together related products and presenting them together.

New Google AdWords Interface



Outstream video campaigns help increase brand awareness by getting

your videos in front of more people. You can extend the reach of your video campaign to users beyond YouTube.


New Google AdWords Interface

Trueview for action campaigns. Drive leads and conversions on YouTube by adding prominent CTAs and headline overlays on your video ads.



Custom columns at ad and keyword levels. Apply the custom columns you’ve already saved in your account to the ads and keyword sections of your account.


To conclude, I believe the new Google Ads generally looks and feels much better than the old Adwords Interface. The overview tab is actually very useful and I use it a lot more compared to the previous Home tab in the old interface. Navigation is also much easier (once you’ve got used to it) for example, the Opportunities tab being right next to Overview. Overall, it’s a much smoother experience and I’m looking forward to seeing what other ideas Google will bring in the new Google Ads!

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