Engagement Ads

Engagement Ads

Engagement Ads are a new Adwords campaign type which allow adverts to target consumers with richer, more creative messages. Engagement Ads were designed to help find customers who are interested in your brand message, but they also provide a level of performance marketing as well, only requiring you to pay when users engage.
Engagement Ads can be created from a standard display ad and “enhanced”, or from scratch. The process a user takes is the following:
Display Ad Served
-> User Engages with ad via 2 second hover
-> Ad expands
                       advertiser pays upon 2 second hover
-> Engagement Ad Served
                       clicks through to landing page registered free!
Mixing this ad-format with audiences is where the possibilities for performance become more interesting. For example, mixing ads with existing remarketing lists means that you can push out a spring promotional video to customers who have previously visited the site, drive in-app purchases for recently downloaded games or educate existing customers about new products and achievements.

Standard Expandables Hover-To-Play
Lightbox Standard Lightbox
Masthead Lightbox Catalogue Lightbox


The Money

As above, engagement ads are charged on a CPE (cost per engagement) basis, meaning that only qualified users are costing advertisers and bringing a strong sense of ROI to any biddable media campaign.


Engagement Ads provide another way of qualifying users on branding campaigns – it can offer deeper level of engagement that a standard image or rich media without interrupting the user’s search pattern. It also provides a scalable way to reuse media from PR, SEO & Social quickly and efficiently.

Who Should Use It?

This is a great option for advertisers looking to improve their branding campaigns, with creative already in place, expansive product catalogues or video resources on channels such as YouTube.

At Broadplace we are already successfully running a variety of engagement ads for our clients to help them promote their brand to new users through affinity segments as well as retain and entertain existing customers through retargeting.

Written by Dan Pillay

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