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Effective ad copy writing tips for your business

PPC and digital marketing are forever moving forward, but writing ad copy remains a key focus of any campaign regardless of platform changes. Here are some tips for writing effective ad copy for your business. You can also speak to our expert team at Broadplace about implementing a strategic ad copy campaign for your personalised needs.
Sell your product or service – How does it benefit the consumer?
You have just a few characters to sell your product or service. Make sure you focus on how you can make a consumer’s life easier, rather than just the various general benefits of your brand. Tell them what matters to them most. This is key to grabbing their attention for longer.
End the description line with punctuation
Make sure you add a full stop, or exclamation mark, to the end of the first description line after the headline. If your ad places in the top three listings then it may receive a longer headline. This is well worth putting into place and is a very simple technique to consider.
Focus on statistics and numbers
Statistics and numbers can be very persuasive sales techniques. For example, they immediately inform a potential customer how much they will have to pay for a product or service before clicking through to a site. This means the consumer can instantly decide whether to go with you or a competitor. Offer some great deals and display these in your ads to convince buyers to purchase. An example would be “Children’s colouring books. 10 for just £10”.
Headlines are key
The headlines need to be perfected as they are the main focus for a consumer. They will see this first! Create a strong, effective headline. You need to hook them in with this before they even consider reading the rest of the ad. Do not overlook the importance of this.
Consider the user’s objectives
When you sit down to write your ads, think about what a potential consumer would type into a search engine when looking for your product or service. Use these keywords and phrases in your copy for an effective campaign.
Use emotional triggers
Emotional triggers such as humour and fear can produce a powerful response. Consider these in your ad copy to encourage an emotion led purchase.
Create keyword-rich display URLs and interesting content
The display URL should contain your top keywords and be interesting and suited to your target market. Make sure they are unique! Don’t waffle on as you have a limited number of characters to make your content stand out.
In conclusion, be sure to utilise these effective techniques to ensure your copy converts to actual sales. Know and understand your target audience in order to create persuasive ad copy. Sell them the deeper benefit of your product or service and why it will improve their life. Remember to be very clear on your goal. Remove any unnecessary content and be sure to test your copy. Sit back and watch the clicks convert to real sales!

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