Dynamic Search Ads: A New Avenue for Ecommerce Clients

Dynamic Search Ads: A New Avenue for Ecommerce Clients

Every day 16% of searches typed into Google have never been seen before. For an advertiser it is very difficult to bid for every keyword that somebody may potentially search for. Dynamic Search Ads helps to combat this issue.

What Is DSA?

Dynamic Search Ads are where the headline in your ads are dynamically inserted and the landing page is dynamically chosen by Google, this is based off what the search query is and if there’s a match on your site. Google scans the landing pages you advise it to focus on and providing the ad is triggered, Google will dynamically put in a headline and appropriate landing page into the ad.
Google will not show a Dynamic Search Ad over an existing ad you have running within your account and only aims to fill the gaps in your index of keywords. DSA does not require you to bid on any keywords.

Who Should Use DSA?

DSA is a fantastic option for those who have a massive inventory, we have seen that it is most effective for e-commerce clients. If you have products that are continually changing, whether it’s down to time of year or a new range of products in stock; DSA will help advertise all your products.

What To Optimize

Search Query
This where you should put a great deal of  focus on for a Dynamic Search Ad campaign and you still need to go through the search query reports frequently because although you may not be bidding on any keywords, you leave a good bit of work is Google’s hand, and therefore may see irrelevant traffic. So adding in negative keywords is very important.
Personally, what I also do is add converting search terms into your existing campaigns and add the search term as an exact match negative in the DSA campaign. You see people are converting for a particular search term so why not have more control over the keywords in your existing campaigns?
Ad Copy
As you have no control over the headline, you should look to make good use of the description lines and make them as appealing as possible. Best practices for regular search ads apply here as well.
 Dynamic Search Ads interface


DSA campaigns for e-commerce client can be very beneficial, especially if you are stuck on keyword research, looking for ways take your AdWords account down a new avenue or want to increase your revenue. Within a DSA campaign there is less keyword research which can be extremely time consuming and not always fruitful.
The potential negative to DSA campaigns is that you have less control over what is in your headline and what landing page people are taken to as well as the fact that Google has a big say in your DSA campaign. This can be prevented with optimised landing pages and use of negative keywords.
Written by Akash Raval 

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