Do You Write SEO Articles?

Do You Write SEO Articles?

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  • On January 24, 2011
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Article writing is one of the most common ways to help any website improve its natural search engine ranking. All webmasters should understand which search terms are going to bring in the traffic for their website, and in so doing they will be able to use those search terms to inspire articles to put on their site.
But some people seem to get confused between the idea of writing a standard article and writing one that conforms to search engine optimisation requirements. In truth there should be very little difference. The only discernible difference is that the SEO version will have a specific keyword in it that is designed to highlight that article to people looking for that kind of information.
For example, let’s say you run a restaurant and you have just launched a new healthy eating menu. If your keyword phrase is ‘healthy eating menu’, you would write an article around that phrase to add to your website. Hopefully anyone who is looking for information on the subject will find your article, and possible consider visiting your restaurant as well.
In some cases the location of the business needs to be included in the keyword, but this can be a bit clumsy on occasion. For example, writing about a ‘healthy eating menu Dallas’ would stick out as being an obvious keyword inserted for the purposes of an SEO article.
The key here is to remember that your reader must always come first. Shoehorning keywords into every available space in your article will drag down the quality and turn it into something no one will want to read. Quality should always be at the forefront of your mind, so you can create an article that has a great message and strength to it. Aside from this of course, you will also have something with a few well chosen keywords in it.
Article writing is an important part of the SEO Packages. . So in essence then, if you can write a decent article you can also write a good SEO article. It’s just a question of taking the keyword or phrase as the topic for that article and going from there. With practice the process becomes easier, provided you avoid the SEO tactic of keyword stuffing. As it may suggest, this is not about the article at all but about cramming in as many keywords as you can, or as many instances of one keyword as possible. Avoid this at all costs and focus on the best quality content possible for your website.
It’s really a two pronged approach that should be pleasant and thought provoking to go through. For example if you are ever stuck for ideas for your articles, you can go through a keyword list and get inspiration from there. In some ways, writing SEO articles can be easier than writing general ones, because you have a firm base to go from. It doesn’t matter whether your keyword is obscure or not, it is just the beginning, and a good strong article can flow from there.
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