Do You Use SEO On Twitter?

Do You Use SEO On Twitter?

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  • On January 17, 2011
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Okay so there are many different social media sites out there today, but there is no doubt that Twitter has grabbed a lot of virtual column inches in recent months. It would be foolhardy to try and do well online without having some kind of social media presence there, because you can gain so much through having one.
But have you considered how you write your content for such sites – Twitter in particular, since we’re talking about it here? Do you simply fire off responses and tweets left, right and centre, or do you take the time to think about SEO when you do it?
Now some of you may be thinking that search engine optimisation has no place on a social media site. But you would be wrong. Twitter may only allow you 140 characters to get your message across, but you can still fit a few words into that length. Some of those words can easily be keywords that are related to your business, so you should think about how you can use them to ensure that you are reaching more people.
We’re not talking about any hard sells here though. If every message (or even every other message) is all about the latest product or service you have to sell, you’re not going to get a lot of followers. You have to find a balance in what you’re tweeting about, but you can still pop some keywords in there.
For instance let’s say you’re an eBook writer and publisher and you are on the road to publishing another eBook. You could write tweets that are focused on how much you have written today, or how the topic of your eBook is progressing or maybe even ask for people’s opinions on the topic. Whatever you do, just make sure you add one or two keywords in there that are relevant to your business.
If you have a PLR business selling content to lots of different buyers, you’d add words like PLR, content, writing, articles and maybe blogs too (depending on the kind of content you provide of course). Whatever it is you do, you can make use of Twitter and include a few choice keywords in the process. Search engine optimisation is incredibly important even on social media sites, especially now that we get tweets in the Google results as well as various other results. You could actually be seen by people who are outside of Twitter as well as inside it.
If you started reading this blog thinking that SEO belongs on websites and not on social networking sites, you may now have changed your mind. But even if you are still sceptical it would be worth trying it out to see what happens. Use a few keywords and see how it works for you. If it enables you to reach a wider audience then you are in luck – you can combine SEO and social media in a way you may not have done before.

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