Digital Marketing Tips for Christmas 2018

Digital Marketing Tips for Christmas 2018

Christmas is a time when businesses ramp up their marketing strategies to entice new customers and more sales during the festive season. Competition is fierce among competitors, so brands need to stay ahead of the game in their campaigns in order to take the biggest share of the market.

In the lead up to the big day, companies utilise various digital marketing strategies to increase sales. This includes social media, email marketing and various campaigns, special deals and competitions. Use our top tips to maximise the success of your Christmas marketing plan.

1. Get Creative

Use creative keywords to improve SEO. Interesting content is key to engaging consumers, so quality matters. You can use Google Adwords to find keywords, but ensure your content is on top form. Hire a professional content writer if needs be.

2. Update

Keep your content up to date to show your customers you are in the now and staying current. Gain their interest by posting updates in the form of blogs. Look back at old posts that were successful and work out why they ranked highly. Use these ranking factors to add to new content on your website.

3. Get Noticed

With so many businesses, it is important to stand out from the crowd by having a USP. Include this in your meta-description. Add deals and perks in your keywords to entice new customers, such as free delivery or discounts. This will improve ranking and traffic. Push it on social media to boost this even further.

4. Set up a Google My Business profile

Getting on Google My Business provides users with further information on SERPs when looking for your company. It is quick and easy to do. It features posts that last for a week, making it perfect for events, guides, products and more. Getting this sorted also helps local SEO strategy.

5. Implement a Cross-Channel Marketing plan

Many people use various ways to search for information, including different devices, social media platforms, adverts and more. Ensure consistency across all platforms and target customers wherever they are. This will strengthen your brand and show solidarity. Monitor your customers’ actions so you can tweak future campaigns.


Christmas Tips Advertising 2018


6. Use Google search trends

Look at current trends to stay up to date. Certain terms and phrases peak at Christmas time and Google Trends can assist you with this. Target high volume phrases where competition is difficult or opt for lower volume phrases where competition is not as strong.

7. Use Schema Markup

Add schema markup to your site as this informs search engines what your data means, rather than simply what it is. Stand out from other digital marketing strategies by using concise keyword research and quality content.

Christmas is an important time for any business and sales often increase during this period. Ensure you get the most out of the season by following our tips to improve your SEO and overall digital marketing campaigns. Stand out from the crowd and make 2018 one to remember.

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