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Paul Completes SquaredOnline Qualification

This month, Senior Account Manager, Paul Harraby has completed his SquaredOnline training – the award-winning global digital marketing leadership qualification developed with Google. We wanted to share this with you because we are all celebrating but also because of the direct benefits it brings the rest of the team and for our clients.
Digital Marketing Qualification
SquaredOnline was developed with Google to give marketing managers and executives a more rounded view of digital marketing.

Google has had individual certifications and courses in its products before, but Squared represents a significant development beyond that; one that has the potential to transform an entire industry.” Mark Howe Managing Director, EMEA Agencies, Google

SquaredOnline is taught online over the course of 4 months. Students are encouraged to have practical experiences and learn on the job, just like in real life. The course incorporates different learning styles including:

  • Group Work
  • Hands-On Projects
  • Live Online Classes
  • A Virtual Campus
  • Expert Speakers
  • Online Activities
  • Accredited CPD Provider

While we’re sure you’re pleased for Paul, you’re probably also wondering how this will benefit you? Well, we’re glad you asked, because this course has given Paul the following insights:

  1. Understanding of the end user and the impact of rapid technological development on the way organisations interact with their audiences.
  2. The benefit of digital tools, technologies and platforms from the consumers’ point of view.
  3. How to optimise and evolve an organisation’s digital presence in a constructive and data-driven way.
  4. How organisations can use different digital touchpoints – such as search, display and content – across the customer journey to deliver a successful integrated marketing strategy that drives awareness, sales and advocacy.
  5. How to analyse and present recommendations for change.

Furthermore, Paul has already begun to share his learnings with the rest of the team. As part of our continued commitment to people development, we invite team members to train the rest of the company (everyone!) on their specialist area or recent learnings. This collaborative approach to the constant improvement of our skills is one of the main reasons we come in on a Friday.
Paul says of the qualification:

Squared Online has helped me understand how different marketing channel integrate as well as refine my approach towards analysing data, goal-setting, and delivering strategies that achieve the maximum return on investment for our clients.”

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