Ajay Syal, MD Broadplace Reviews Client Retention

Ajay Syal, MD Broadplace Reviews Client Retention At Google Conference

According to Google’s own annual customer satisfaction survey, Broadplace was placed in the Top 5 in the EMEA region for retention and satisfaction….

Broadplace was invited to the Google Premier SMB Partner Conference (EMEA) at their head office in Dublin 3rd-5th Feb 2016. The annual event is organised to bring together the Premier Partners from around Europe, Middle East and Asia regions to share best practices and learn about new developments from Google. Ajay Syal, Broadplace MD reviews his experiences as a panelist on “Applying Customer Retention Best Practices From Top Performing EMEA Premier SMB Partners To Your Business“:


Ajay Syal Broadplace MD
Ajay Syal, Broadplace MD and Thought Leader, discusses client retention.

“In addition to attending the 3 day event at Google Headquarters in Dublin, I was invited to talk on stage on the final day. The panelists were asked to share their best practices when it comes to retention and customer satisfaction. This was as a result of the annual customer satisfaction survey that Google sends out to the customers of participating Google Premier Partners.


Customer Feedback

Client Retention Ajay Syal Broadplace MD
The feedback from the survey showed that Broadplace was in the top 5 performing Google partners through all of EMEA  – an achievement we are very proud of, as retention and customer satisfaction is at the heart of our company ethos.
The name of the session was: “Applying Customer Retention Best Practices From Top Performing EMEA Premier SMB Partners To Your Business“. I was able to share my thoughts and best practices on this topic. One of the key things I spoke about was that retention is a direct measure of customer satisfaction for the business. It is vital. I went on to talk about the some of the things that we do to ensure we always excel in this area. Broadplace reviews client retention on a weekly basis, continuously looking for ways to improve.

“Client retention is a direct measure of customer satisfaction”



Client Retention Measures

Client Retention Ajay Syal Broadplace MD
Ajay Syal, Broadplace MD reviews client retention on Google panel.

Broadplace as a business has many measures for retention in place and we adopt a highly proactive approach to churn. In fact, we view potential scenarios of churn as opportunities instead of threats. We place a lot of importance on client retention andcustomer satisfaction. Broadplace has developed a culture where customer retention is paramount. It’s something we talk about as a team often, and are vastly proud of our client retention rates.


Tools and Technology for Client Retention

Ajay Syal, MD, Broadplace at Google Conference
Ajay Syal, Broadplace MD joins the panel on Client Retention at Google Premier Partner Conference

Among the most critical elements of ensuring we deliver exceptional Campaign Performance is the use of our own tools and technology. We have developed a campaign management tool (CampaignHub) that is integrated directly with a Google feed. This gathers data (as it happens) on a customers online performance. This gives us the ability to optimise our customer’s campaigns in real-time, so we act before an issue actually becomes an issue.
There are numerous feedback mechanisms that are incorporated into our processes, with the aim of understanding how customers feel. I strongly believe that Campaign Performance and the numbers associated with this are critical to help justify ROI and prove value to our customers. And this is something that is very close to their hearts (and wallets)! Sometimes, however, the numbers alone do not paint the full picture which is why it is important to appreciate emotions to get the complete picture.

In Summary…

Client retentionI often use the analogy of the left and right sides of the brain; whilst the left logical side is crucial in understanding and analysing the campaign performance in terms of data and numbers, it is also important to understand the more emotive right hand side to fully understand customer satisfaction. This is most probably why Communication and Engagement is at the heart of the relationship between our company and our customers and why Broadplace reviews its client retention techniques.”
To find out how Broadplace could make you a happy customer, give our PPC experts a call today on 0800 533 5655 or contactus@broadplace.com.

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