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How To Increase Impressions on Bing Ads

  • Posted by Michal W
  • On October 27, 2018
That’s probably the most common question every Digital Account Manager asks at least once in their career. How many times have you suffered from insufficient traffic from your Bing campaigns? Why are generic keywords not triggering any impressions, or very few at the most? I’ll bet the frustration and disappointment connected to this makes you think […]

Google Vs. Bing Ads – Which Should You Use?

  • Posted by akash
  • On June 8, 2016
In this article: Google vs Bing stats and facts, real-life case study and handy infographic for business owners/advertisers. Whilst we are a Google Premier Partner, we believe in being impartial and delivering bespoke services to our clients. That involves looking at a number of different avenues for getting their products/services in front of customers when […]