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  • An Introduction to Digital Marketing by CampaignHero

    Posted by Ally Whicher On July 18, 2019

      An Introduction Earlier this week, we introduced our app, 'CampaignHero', to Starling's Business Banking customers. CampaignHero aims to bridge the gap between the 'do it yourself approach' to full-on agency support. CampaignHero allows you to manage Microsoft, Facebook and Google Ads all from within your smartphone. What makes the…[…]

  • 15 traits of a highly successful PPC Manager and how to develop them {Easily}

    Posted by Emily On May 2, 2019

    Why do some people prosper and others struggle in this industry? What is it about those people that makes them so successful in PPC Account Management? And is it something you can learn or practice to get better? We really believe you have what it takes already, and the traits…[…]

  • How To Increase Clickthrough Rate

    Posted by Emily On August 1, 2018

    Click Through Rate (CTR) is a vital metric for any Google AdWords campaign – not only will it improve your adverts’ performance and lower advertising costs, it will also bring more visitors to your website ready for you to convert into paying customers. Optimising your average CTR will improve your…[…]

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