Call Tracking Is Improving Customer Experience

Call Tracking Improving Experience For Our Customers And Yours

As we close the door on January, we are really pleased with the new developments that have taken place already within the agency in 2016 and I’m pleased to use our blog as a platform to tell you all about them. We’re delighted to announce a few changes that will see the level of service to our customers increase even more! We are now offering call tracking through our CallHub feature and we’ve noted customer feedback and made our reporting more streamlined and accessible.

call tracking

CallHub call tracking service launched

When you answer a customer call…

… Do you know why they might be calling? Customer service query? Sales?
… Do you know what your callers are doing just before they call?
… Do you know which web pages they viewed, products they click on, forms they completed?
… Do you know if they are an existing customer or a new customer?
… Do you know what their online customer journey has been?

Call tracking with CallHub shows you which of your marketing sources are making your phones ring. It allows you to optimise your marketing campaigns far more effectively and reduce wastage of your advertising spend.
CallHub Call tracking
We bring you this service to help bridge the gap between offline and online and understand what aspects of the online journey are driving customers to call and ultimately convert. Many businesses track their PPC campaigns but in the modern market, that isn’t always enough. You can improve the customer experience through CallHub – with various levels of service available depending on your circumstances.

By better understanding your customer’s journey – from research, to making a call to you – you can serve them better.

You can get straight to the point of their enquiry without the need for endless questions. You’ll see what they searched for, what pages on your site they’ve looked at and gain a better understanding of what product offering will best suit them.

Call Tracking Features

These are the key features of call tracking through Broadplace’s CallHub:
Invisible Dynamic Number Replacement – This prevents ‘number flicker’.
Dynamic Call Routing – Make sure your customers get to the right place, based on how they found you.
Missed Call Email Alert – This includes the person’s telephone number and how they found your website.
Dynamic Call Whisper – You can type in a short message that can be read out to the person taking the call (before/after).
Call Benchmarking – Measure call length and other metrics.
Sales and Lead Tracking – There are lots of different ways of logging sales and leads, which helps calculate ROI.
Call Recording – Great for post-match analysis and training. Callers are played a message, as per legal requirements.
Post Call IVR  – Real-time feedback by call-takers.
Spam Guard – Intercept spam calls and block them.
call tracking

More personalised reports

We’ve been working really hard to improve the way we report to customers. Our focus is your return on investment, so we ensure that you are able to see this happening clearly. We also make sure that we are available for calls at any time. We schedule regular contact, so you get to speak to the person handling your account (we know this isn’t always the case with agencies).
We also listened to feedback about the way reports are formatted. They are now sent out in a responsive manner that can be viewed on any device.
The new report commentary integration feature is designed to enhance auto reports with both analysis as well as personalisation. Providing Broadplace customers with:

  • Insight
  • Content
  • A platform to voice how you are ‘feeling’

Call Tracking
Temper incorporated in to weekly reports
We have added a feedback widget to your reports which allows you to give instant feedback to your Account Manager on your current performance. Whilst this does not replace your regular phone contact with your Account Manager, when you can discuss account strategy at length, it does provide an additional layer of client interaction and means we can be more prepared when dealing with your account.

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  • Tracking
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