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Call Extensions Changes

Call Extensions Changes
If you are using location and call extensions, then from Thursday 19th January, you might have noticed that AdWords has begunto show local searchers the local phone number of a location’s address as it’s listed in your Google My Business (GMB) account, regardless of how your call extensions are set up.

What Will Change?


 Context  Example ad format  Phone number used starting January 19, 2017
 Ad features your business, but not a specific location  Text ad shown with call extension  Phone number from the call extension (no change)
 Ad features individual business locations  Text ad shown with location extension  Location-specific phone number may be used (from GMB)


Why Is This Happening?

It’s about being as useful as possible to people right when and where they need your business. These changes mean that your customers don’t see differing numbers on your ads vs. GMB. Ultimately, Google are constantly looking at ways to make things easier for users and advertisers alike.

This example shows how the number can appear different on the search engine results page.

Who Will Be Affected The Most?

Most advertisers will barely notice anything has changed.
Local advertisers who show their location extensions more frequently may notice more calls going to their Google My Business number rather than their Call Extension number. We can tell you if this applies to you – how often your location extensions show, so give us a bell.

Why You Might Want To Opt Out

We would not recommend opting out unless you have good reason. Doing so could reduce ad impressions and call volume, making it difficult for customers to reach you.
However, if your local business locations aren’t equipped to handle these phone calls or you want detailed call reporting and the ability to track conversions from these phone calls, we can help you to opt out. Get in touch as soon as possible to discuss this.

Next Steps

  1. Remember that these sort of changes do happen – remember when Google got rid of right hand ads and everyone’s heads span?
  2. Make sure your GMB listings are all up to date and location-specific.
  3. If driving phone calls is your main goal, consider call-only campaigns – that way you can still track mobile click-to-call actions from mobile.
  4. Don’t forget you can track calls from your landing pages.


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