How To Build A Pipeline For 2017 While You're Off This Christmas

Want To Build A Pipeline For The New Year While You’re Off This Christmas?

We’ve talked about the reasons you shouldn’t pause campaigns over the festive period here, but if you’re taking time off, going to be away or need to know what to do about leads that you might still be paying for, we’ve got you covered with some top tips on what to do to build a pipeline for 2019 while you lament over the number of Brussels sprouts you’ve eaten…

Call Extensions

If you’re unable to answer the phone during a certain period, remove call extensions from your campaign.

Build A Pipeline For 2017

Alternatively, you can keep them, and make sure you have someone professional who can answer the phone for you and make appointments or bookings.  You could even hire the services of companies who specialise in this area.
At the very least have a personalised voicemail explaining when you’ll be able to get back to their message.

Ad Text

Tweak your ad text to influence people’s next steps by using a Call to Action.  Tell your prospects what you want from them.  “Email Us For 2019 Bookings” or “Email To Get In First For 2019!”, “Email For January 2019 quotes” all this will help build a pipeline for 2019.

Landing Pages

What you’re saying in your ads needs to be reflected in your landing page, so get those updated.

Also, you want to make it clear that anyone visiting your site knows what your movements are over Christmas. Do not have it hidden on your contact us page.  Have it on the header banner across all pages.

Other tips to build a pipeline for 2019…


Shorten your sales funnel to quick sales conversions

At this time of year, people are open to buying and don’t need to be as nurtured as other times. There is more sense of urgency across November, December and January. Make it as easy as possible for them to buy from you. Reminders in the form of phone calls, emails or other forms of marketing can be ramped up over Christmas without fear of scaring off prospects.

Give back to loyal customers

Reward your best customers, a tempting Christmas offer or a gift or freebie can encourage more sales in the new year. It’ll be remembered when those hard sales calls from competitors start up in January.

Build a Pipeline for 2017

Optimise product descriptions

Include keywords such as new year, 2019, resolutions etc. Research what your customers will be searching at this time of year and don’t be afraid to change product descriptions to reflect this.

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Build A Pipeline For 2019 during the festive period with these Christmas clever marketing tips and if you’ve got more tips to share, be sure to leave them in the comments! We’d love to hear them!

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