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Broadplace Summer Team Building in London

Every year, our MD, Ajay and CEO, Rohit, treat the team to a summer social. Last year, the whole company went to Brighton for some fun team building activities including axe throwing and archery but this year, it was a London thing!

The Treasure Hunt

On 9/8/19, after a big team lunch, we headed to Waterloo to begin the grand Broadplace treasure hunt! Split into teams of four, we had a series of tasks to complete and questions to answer. Fun tasks included: get a video of a team member skateboarding along Southbank, grab yourself some churros, ride a golden carousel, have a team ‘SNOG’ in a double-decker bus, find a stranger and do a duet of the Dirty Dancing classic ‘Time of my Life’ and take part in a limbo dance! There were lots of questions relating to the local sights too, e.g. ‘How many stone people are around the front arched wall of the main entrance to Waterloo?’ and ‘How many cables hold the London Eye to the ground?’ If nothing else, it was a fun way to encourage everyone to explore parts of London they’d never seen before!

The summer social was nicely timed with Southbank’s ‘Underbelly’ festival, which runs 11th July-29th September and showcases a whole host of acts including: circus arts, comedy and family entertainment, so there was a really fun buzz about the day. With a mixture of sunshine and rain, our outfits were an amusing mixture of ponchos, hoodies, t-shirts, shorts, flip flops and running trainers – ah, the British summer!

Bowling, Burgers and Curling

After a day’s treasure hunt activities, the race was on to make it to Queens Dine and Bowl (or you’d lose points) for 4.45, ready to start bowling at 5. Again, still in our teams, this was another opportunity to earn points! All good team building activities end best with food so bowling was followed by a trip to Queens MEATLiquor.

If you haven’t been to MEATLiquor before, it’s THE place to go for good quality burgers! The brand started out as a burger van in 2008 and there are now a dozen sites across London, Brighton and Leeds. However, you don’t have to be a meat-eater or a big drinker to enjoy the restaurant.  At MEATLiquor, Carnivores, herbivores, booze lovers & teetotalers are all welcome. Some of our favourites choices were: the dirty chicken cheesburger, the chili dog and the halloumi mushroom burger…all delicious!

With full bellies, but feeling a bit wobbly…we headed to the final activity of the day, curling (perhaps not the best idea)! Curling was…interesting. We hadn’t quite appreciated how much upper arm strength was required – it was a super slippery, slap-stick-humour-filled event! In fact, curling was so difficult, we discounted it from the scores completely.

The Results

Monday morning, the scores were announced and the winners were, Rohit’s team: Rohit, Amalee, Paul, Xiao and Swapnil.

The losers, had the forfeit of cooking breakfast for the entire team. We had sausages, eggs, tomatoes, bagels and pastries…what a Monday!

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