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Broadplace Advertising Collaborates With Their Local Jobcentre Plus To Help Young People

Are you a risk taker? Do you know a good opportunity when you see one? Can you make the most of it?
Work experience does not always conjure the best thoughts; however it can be a fantastic opportunity, as long as you are willing to take the risk to try it. There are a lot of benefits to work experience, as our Website Content Manager, Sarah Sharkey, discovered first hand. Her local Jobcentre Plus advisor referred her to Broadplace Advertising Ltd. for a work experience placement in content writing. She has held a fulltime position within the company for a year now, which is a fantastic achievement.
Earlier this week, Broadplace Advertising Ltd. was invited to give a talk at the local Jobcentre Plus, in Epsom. Having a close working relationship with the team of advisors there, this was an offer that could not be refused. Broadplace recognises the importance of getting involved with the local area and this not only allowed current young job seekers the opportunity to pick our brains in person, but we were also pleased to be able to return with Sarah, the member of our team who actually came from that very Jobcentre, and who is now keen to help more young people achieve success in the workplace.

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Jila Beaumont (left), Job Centre Plus Advisor, and Sarah Sharkey, Website Content Manager for Broadplace Advertising Ltd – 14/06/2012.

You may not be sure what the right role for you is, or even what the daily tasks of said role may actually involve but with a no strings attached opportunity like that which work experience provides, you can find out.
As with most work experience positions or internships, there is no guarantee that you will be offered a fulltime job. Do not be discouraged; many employers are likely to appreciate a candidate that is actively seeking experience in an operating business, even if it is unpaid, as opposed to someone who is more pessimistic about their prospects.
Here, there is the potential for you to be introduced to a new industry where you can learn new skills, and polish old ones; from learning the appropriate phone manner to making a telesale, or from writing a simple article to creating high quality content for a range of mediums. There is no telling where your experience may lead you but you can be sure that it will stand you in good stead throughout your professional career.
Make the most of the openings that you are given, and speak to your local Jobcentre Plus advisor about work experience prospects with Broadplace today.
About Jobcentre Plus:
Jobcentre Plus is an extension of the Department for Work and Pensions. It is dedicated to offering welfare support and guidance to job seekers as well as potential employers by promoting opportunities in the local area.

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