Boost Account ROI With 4 Powerful Remarketing Strategies

Boost Your Account ROI With 4 Powerful Remarketing Strategies

It is common knowledge that remarketing is a great strategy to boost account performance. We know that…

  • 96% of visitors leave a website without converting.
  • 70% abandon a shopping cart without purchasing.
  • 49% typically visit 2-4 websites before purchasing.

With this data it is obvious that having targeted ads appear around the internet after visitors have left your site that keep you top of mind and build brand awareness will help drive traffic back to the site when users are much more likely to convert.
RLSA & Remarketing for Shopping
As well as stand alone remarketing campaigns, remarketing can also be applied to search campaigns to allow you to apply bid modifiers and show more prominently for the keywords in that campaign to those that have already visited your site.
In addition to remarketing for search (known as RLSA), Google has recently rolled out remarketing for shopping which is currently in beta.
Being able to bid more aggressively to those searchers that have already visited the site is a fantastic strategy, but how much should you increase bids? Below is how I suggest you structure your remarketing campaigns for best results…

  1. Firstly you should ensure you have remarketing audiences setup for each stage of the funnel on your site. So typically this would be ‘homepage’ visitors, ‘category page’ visitors that are a little more targeted than homepage visitors and then ‘checkout abandonment’ visitors that are even closer to a purchase and even more targeted.
  2. Duplicate your search or shopping campaign and apply the remarketing audiences to the new campaign, ensuring that the target setting is ‘target and bid’. Applying this setting will make sure that the new traffic (non-remarketing) will go to the original campaign and the returning traffic (remarketing) will get filtered to the new remarketing campaign.

    TIP: Having separate campaigns for remarketing allows you to set budgets separate from your existing campaigns so you can ensure you get a high IS (impression share) for the returning traffic that you know is much more valuable and more likely to convert.
  3. Apply bid modifiers based on the different stage of the funnel people are in. If someone has abandoned the checkout then they are much more targeted to someone that has just visited the homepage so you should apply a much more aggressive bid modifier to that remarketing audience.
  4. Rework the messaging in the ads. You are now trying to get the visitors to return to the site rather than looking for that first time click so the messaging in your ads should reflect that and be relevant to the products / services they have been looking at on the site.

Remarketing Strategies
So does it work?
In a word… YES!!
The below table shows how much more valuable returning visitors have been to the shopping campaigns for just one of our clients.
Remarketing Strategies
We can see in the above case study that returning visitors are worth more than twice as much to the business than first time visitors
Maybe it’s time for you to give remarketing the time and attention it deserves. Get in touch to speak to one of our specialists so we can apply the same strategies to your account.

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