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Bing Easy Shopping Search is Good News for PPC Advertisers

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  • On May 12, 2011
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Many advertisers looking to spend PPC budgets focus solely on Google to get the results they need. But if this includes you, you’re missing out on the opportunities presented by Bing shopping search.
This search facility has been around for almost two years now. But Bing has recently released some updates to the service. Categories and articles have now been added to round out the experience a person will have when searching for something.
Popular products and a swathe of categories can also be seen on the main page, guiding the shopper in the right direction as soon as they arrive.
Bing Shopping new looks
Bing has also added a ‘hover over’ for products in the search results. You can view information like brand, style, material, gender etc along with user reviews.
Bing Shopping hover over for products
You can also compare products in your wish list, share them on facebook and even get feedback from Facebook friends before buying.
When you click on a particular product for more detail or to purchase, other products from search results are presented as a film-strip above the product description.
Bing shopping filmstrip
This means you don’t need to go back again to the search results for the next product. You can just click on the next similar product on the film strip for comparison.
But while shoppers will benefit from the Bing shopping search, the real winners of this improved search model will be the advertisers. If you or your PPC company use PPC – pay per click – as a solid way to find new customers and sales, don’t focus all your attentions on Google. The Bing shopping search displays pay per click ads on the right hand side of the screen. Yours could appear on a targeted page searched for by someone looking for the exact type of product you sell.
If you are already using Bing, it would be prudent to take a look at the changes they have put in place. They may affect your existing PPC campaign and more testing may be necessary to get the best results. If you are new to the search engine this could be the best possible time to try it out.

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