Bing has Higher Success Rate than Google

Google Comes Third in Success Rate Competition Between Search Engines

The vast majority of people still go straight to Google when they need to locate information online. However, according to the results released by Experian Hitwise recently, Google is not the most accurate search engine when it comes to results.
Who is top of the list?
According to Experian Hitwise, these are the top three ranked search engines in terms of the accuracy of their results:
1.    Yahoo!
2.    Bing
3.    Google
Bing Success Rate - August
Experian Hitwise report gained the data from a total of 10 million internet users based in the US. The figures apply to the month of July in this instance, but the top three is actually the same as it was in June.
Here are the main facts to be gleaned from the report:
•    Yahoo! has slipped slightly in the results, going from 81.63% to 81.36%
•    Bing has also dropped slightly from 80.60% to 80.04%
•    Ironically Google is the only search engine to have improved its performance, increasing its success rate by almost one per cent. It has improved from 66.63% to 67.56% as a result.
Should this worry those who use Google?
Google is still by far the most popular search engine in terms of the percentage of searches it gets of the whole market each month:
•    It dropped back from 67.12% in June to 66.05% in July
•    In contrast Bing and Yahoo! both increased their percentage of searches to 28.05% and 15.07% respectively.
According to the way Experian Hitwise works, a successful search is one where a person finds something they wanted and clicks through to an actual website as a result.
Google is always striving to improve on its search results, just as the other search engines are. But this stark statistic may prompt it to work even harder. It is still clearly out in front in terms of the proportion of people who choose Google as their preferred search engine. But how long will this continue if Google does not come up with the goods that are required?
How could these results affect your business?
All businesses – or at least those that want to be found online – aim to ensure that their websites are optimised for their most important keywords. But this data seems to indicate that Google may not be as good at presenting the best results as many people think.
One thing we do know is that Google is constantly trying to improve its service. Hopefully the release of these figures will lead to more improvements in terms of how successful their searches really are. The good news is that your business has just as much chance of doing well in the search results for Yahoo! and Bing as it does for Google. This means you will gain traffic from these sources as well.
In terms of your business, performing well in the search engines is always crucial. With the help of a professional SEO company you can enhance your rankings no matter which search engine people use to find you.

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