Bid Simulator has Estimated Top Impressions now!

Bid Simulator has Estimated Top Impressions now!

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  • On October 5, 2010
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Since its launch of Bid Simulator PPC Consultants got a feature that allowed the impact of keyword level bids on advertising impact. We all loved it and now Google announced that  “Estimated Top Impressions’ is now available in “Bid Simulator” . Using data from the past seven days, the bid simulator re-calculates the number of clicks and impressions your ad could have received with different maximum CPC bids. Now, isn’t that really very helpful. You are be able to predict and plan your expenses and clicks using the bid simulator.
With the new release , “Estimated Top Impressions,” which shows you how many times your ad appeared above the search results in the past seven days and how this metric could have changed had you used different keyword level maximum CPC bids.

PPC Ads that appear above the search results help get a click and thus possible conversion. You will be aware of trhe conversion ratio as well as the Earning per click and thius the new tool will help you achive the optimum ROI on your adverting budget.
Since the top position will have a better CTR the impressions in the Top position will yield more clicks. You can check the same in the following screen grab

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