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B2C and B2B Search Marketing Do not imply the same rules

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  • On June 25, 2010
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A lot of times marketers forget the basics of B2C and B2B search marketing and mix a lot of rules. The point that most of them forget is in B2C the buyer’s thinking process, buying motives and the buying behavior are different and are not at all similar to a B2B buyer.
In both B2C and B2B search marketing, the thinking has to be done keeping in mind the buyer and as mentioned earlier the buyer in both cases is looking out for something different. Below we explain how and why from the point of view of the buyer in both the cases needs to be considered.
The Risk Factor
When we make any kind of decision in our lives the main question in the mind is about the risks. How much risk has to be taken influences the decision making process the most. Before taking any kind of decisions there are always some opposing factors and some rewards that force us either to make or break a decision. When both the reward and the risk are balanced a decision is taken. In case the risk is high the decision will not be made.
In case of B2C the consumer is emotionally involved while making the purchase decision. This is because he is buying the product for the fulfillment of his own desire or need. For instance a person wishes to buy a Mercedes Benz even though he owns a Mercedes C class. There is no pressure on him to buy the car but he wants to purchase it just because he wants to be in the “me too” category. It is a question of prestige for him. Here his risk is the high price he will need to pay for it but the reward that he will get in the form of status in the society is more appealing to him.
But a B2B purchase does not happen with the same intension. While making a B2B purchase the decision depends more on lessening the risks involved.
Hence when B2C products are using search marketing emotionally appealing words should be used like “comfy cars”, “elegant cars” etc whereas for B2B products this would not work. For selling B2B products words like “efficient”, “energy saving” etc would help.
B2B purchase is a Job
The person who buys products and services for an organization is paid for the job and does not do it out of his personal interest. No buyer has a personal attachment with what he is buying, his main intention is to make the purchase and make sure the quality of the product is good. If the seller supplies the buyer with a low grade product then the buyer stands at the risk of loosing his job. He simply wants to make a purchase and move on to the next one. He will focus on the functionality and the usage factor of the product.
The above 2 points give you enough reasons to think differently when dealing with B2B and B2C search marketing / PPC . The landing pages, ad copies, keywords etc need to be looked from the point of the buyer because in the end buyer is the king.
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