AUTO: Interview With Broadplace’s Ajay Syal In AMOnline

AUTO: Interview with Broadplace’s Ajay Syal in AMOnline

AMOnline has been the UK’s leading source of news, insight and analysis for the automotive industry for over 25 years. The publication ran a piece on Ajay Syal and Broadplace’s position in the auto digital marketing sphere. We wanted to bring you the highlights.

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What Makes Broadplace Different?

Our industry does have a lot of smoke and mirrors, with many agencies using a lack of (client) knowledge as a sales tool,” said Ajay Syal. “We aim to demystify digital marketing by keeping things clear and simple. Transparency is a major issue in the industry, but it is our biggest strength.

The previous agency of one our clients was taking 50% of its £10,000 monthly budget as a management fee. We don’t work like that. All our invoices are clear and transparent – showing exactly how much and where the budget is being spent. Clients are even able to pay their media spend direct to Google if they wish.

With every auto client we’ve gained, the previous agency hasn’t released its data. It’s totally wrong. The good news is that Google algorithms have got much better at allowing you to regain the history and quality scores which in the old days would be very hard to get back.

At Broadplace, if a client isn’t happy after 12 months, we grant access to their full accounts (that’s all the KPIs and performance statistics). This way, the campaigns experience minimum disruption. Not that this happens very often. Clients including Mercedes Benz Retail Group are experiencing astonishing and sustainable growth. Indeed, Liz Tuesley (MBRG Marketing Manager) said, “The overall results of the campaign were frankly astonishing. We set very high targets and these were by far exceeded.”

Auto has grown naturally and organically for us, we’ve never really deliberately targeted the sector before. We’ve discovered auto is something we’re good at.



But what about the future of digital marketing in auto?

Well, we’re now measuring the offline effects of online campaigns. We can decipher who visits the showroom after interacting with ads online (not just on AdWords, but many different channels).

We can now run campaigns specifically to entice people to come in and touch the car, and can accurately measure the results.” says Ajay.

Furthermore, our close relationship with Google (we were recently named their “UK & Ireland’s Top Performing Agency”), means that we have access to Beta testing. For example,  a free Google campaign which filmed local ads for YouTube. We can also use a dynamically-based campaign which uses dealers’ feeds. So, clients don’t waste money on advertising cars which have already sold.

That’s a really good example of how ROI can improve quite significantly by committing that technology. It’s quite specialist, but our level of experience means we’re able to execute that technology. We’re really trying to bridge the gap between the digital world and the automotive sector,” Syal says.

Involvement in Betas means we can be among the first to market with lots of things,” he adds. “It’s very easy to run a business and look very internally, but our partnership with Google has helped us to see more 360-degree and externally.

You can read the full interview here.

To find out more about Broadplace’s approach to digital in the automotive industry and to read in-depth case studies, click here.

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