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A Day In The Life Of A Broadplace Apprentice

How I became an Apprentice

At college the nearest thing to digital I had was Photography, which was only one of my four A-levels, yet I spent most of my free periods and time outside of college on my photography work simply because I enjoyed it.
I struggled with the looming decision of what to do after college, as web development wasn’t creative enough for me, while graphic design was not technical enough for me. I then focused on trying to find something that really stimulated my brain, and I thought back to when I ran my own clothing line at the age of 15.
This was a time where many small clothing lines were really emerging through scale-able social media campaigns.  I was checking my brand’s Facebook, Twitter & Instagram constantly, running competitions and really enjoying social media and digital advertising. 
That’s where I found digital marketing – something that I could be creative and technical in.

A typical Monday – no tea/coffee making here

I am currently 7 months through my 12 month Level 3 Digital Marketing apprenticeship, and this is what a typical Monday looks like for me:
8.45am – Arrive at work and get all set up for the day, then chat with colleagues about their weekend over some delicious beans at our Monday morning coffee club.
9am – I would start by catching up on emails, and any priorities make it into my to-do list for the day.  I try to stick to checking my email only once an hour and turn the notifications off so I can concentrate on my current task.  In a typical morning I would be completing short but urgent tasks such as adjusting budgets for a client’s Facebook Ad campaign, checking there are no issues with my client’s Google AdWords accounts or writing new ads for a client’s LinkedIn campaign.
11am – We have a 10 minute break here to stop our eyes from going square, I usually take a quick walk downstairs (we are top floor in a shared office) and get some fresh air, then have a 5 minute game on our air hockey table.
11.10am – After completing any urgent tasks, I can then focus on ongoing tasks, such as researching keywords for a new client or creating reports and analysing account’s performance.
12am – I have a scheduled call with a client here to discuss their accounts performance.  We discuss the accounts performance and my commentary on their CampaignHub report, our in-house reporting software.
1pm – I eat my lunch in our office ‘park’ then relax on our array of coloured bean bags.

What You Really Need to Become A Digital Marketing Account Manager
Work Hard | Play Hard – The Broadplace Philosophy

2pm – I look at my monthly development plan from my apprenticeship provider and see what units from my qualification I should be working on.  From personal experience expect to spend 20-30% of your working time on your Level 3 qualification.
3.50pm – We have another 10 minute break here which I normally use to get some fresh air and a snack.
4.00pm – I try to spend 30-60 minutes on improving my skills on something work related, or learning something new that I can apply in a clients account, for example learning best practice on a new type of Facebook ad.  After this I would check my to-do list and see if I can complete anything else in the last part of the day.
5.30pm – I finish for the day and head home.

Other Aspects

This opportunity has given me great experience in so many different parts of Digital, such as SEO, social media management, PPC and more.  Employee growth was the deciding factor for me joining Broadplace, as in my interview the success story of Akash Raval, a previous apprentice turned Key Account Handler, really impressed me.

Apprentice Award Winner
Former Apprentice Wins Key Account Handler Of The Year

I found it difficult to find out what an apprenticeship would be like every day, so hopefully this post has given you an insight into what apprenticeships are really like.  If you are interested in opportunities at Broadplace then head over to our careers page.

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