Summary of AdWords Innovation 2015

Hiya! Jamie here, I took quite a few notes from the AdWords Innovation 2015 livestream to share with everyone, please have a read, lots of exciting new features coming our way!!  

Generic Stats:

  • Mobile searches exceed desktop in 10 countries, including USA & Japan.
  • 91% of people use their phone in the middle of a task (e.g. looking up recipes).
  • Micro Moments
    • New phrase coined for when people are searching for info to help them in the moment (straight away).
    • e.g. ‘I want to know’, ‘I want to go’, ‘I want to buy’
    • People demand the information they are looking for to be right straight away and are far more loyal to their particular needs than a particular brand.
    • Marketers who put these moments of decision making and preference shaping at the center of their strategy combined with relevance are the marketers who win.

New Innovations:


Ad Experiences

  • We expect online experiences to be tailored to our needs across the web, apps and on any device we use.
    • e.g. people expect directions for restaurants and reviews for shops.
    • Shopping ads & hotel ads provide the immediacy and relevancy marketers require to address the needs of consumers.
Automotive Industry…
  • 50% of auto related searches take place on a mobile
  • New automotive ads coming this year (probably just in the US to start with).
    • Can see images of the vehicle you are looking for.
    • Research – If at the research stage click an image to see details such as MPG, horsepower etc.
    • Buying – If you are ready to buy you can click find a dealer to see local dealerships and click to call or get directions for the dealership you want.
  Automotive Industry AdWords Innovation 2   Travel Industry…
  • When choosing a hotel you have lots to consider such as price, location and reviews.
  • 69% of travel research is performed on a mobile while waiting or commuting.
  • New hotel ads rolled out globally to over 100 countries making it easier for people to quickly compare multiple hotels and see rating, amenities directly through Google search.
  • Selecting a hotel brings up a booking widget allowing you to see room rates and book, cutting out the number of steps involved in booking a hotel on any device.
    • Compared to traditional ads Hilton saw 45% better conversion rates and 12% higher ROI.
  Automotive Ads Travel Industry AdWords Innovation   Shopping Ads…
  • Seen 175% YoY growth in mobile shopping searches.
  • 93% of people who research on a mobile go on to make a purchase.
  • Local inventory ads allow people to see local stores that have the products in stock and increase in-store sales at 5x the rate of TV ads.
  • Google recently introduced expandable product cards to shopping ads.
    • Contain rich info about products people are looking for such as high res image of the product, stores that carry it, pricing, product details and reviews from customers.
  Shopping AdWords Innovations   Financial Services…
  • 48% YoY growth in financial mobile searches.
  • Google Compare ( – introduced in 2012) provides a seamless process for comparing multiple financial products side by side.
    • Credit cards, mortgages and car insurance.
  • Coming soon…
    • Insurer ratings – allowing people to see car insurer ratings in addition to price.
    • Call a local agent – ability to find a local agent and call them direct.
    • Mortgage calculator added last year, mortgage ads coming this year.
      • Be able to search on Google for a mortgage and compare rates across different lenders and local ratings and then click to call when ready or click through to the site and buy.
  Mortgage AdWords Innovations  

Scale & Automation

  Dynamic Search Ads…
  • Reaching your customers, delivering a relevant experience and optimising bids for all those interactions is more challenging that ever before.
  • 15% of daily searches on Google are unique and have never been seen before – because of this people don’t always find what they are looking for.
  • Dynamic search ads (DSA) is a powerful way to show relevant search ads based on your websites content without the need to manage keywords.
  • DSA is being completely redesigned from the ground up…
    • Easier to target specific pages on your website and DSA now crawls and automatically organises your website into recommended categories for easier targeting.
    • For each recommended category target Google will calculate a suggested CPC based on the performance of existing keywords that target similar queries.
    • After selecting a target you will be able to see examples of the queries you will be targeting, the ads that will be appear and the pages the customer will land on.
      • Home24 used these improvements to DSA and got 50% higher conversion rates and 38% lower costs per order.
    • DSA now more powerful and takes less than 10mins to setup a campaign.
    • These changes will be rolled out globally “within the next few months”.
  Dynamic Search Ads   Display…
  • There are more than 50 different image ad sizes across GDN and have to create ads in all format sizes to reach all customers across all devices.
  • Google now enhanced display image ads to auto-resize across GDN based on the website and device they appear on.
    • Just enter 3 different sizes (729×90, 300×250 & 160×600) and they will now show across 95% of all of the placements across GDN.
    • This saves time and makes it easier to reach mobile audiences on display.
    • Jobs2Careers auto-resized their image ads and it resulted in 20% more conversions and a 16% lower CPA.
Bidding Strategies…
  • Effective bidding strategies are important to improve ad performance.
    • This includes adjusting based on real time signals such as device, ad creative, browser, actual query, location, OS, time of day, app, remarketing list, language and search partner to ensure you deliver the right ad at the right time to the right person.
    • In the first 20 days of using target CPA, drove 145% more conversions in the UK whilst maintaining their avg. CPA.
  • 2 new major enhancements coming “later this year”…
    • Run a report to discover opportunities (see performance metrics) at different CPA targets using bidding simulator.
      • e.g. simluate how many more conversions you would get if you increase your target CPA by 10%.
      • Available on search and display.
  AdWords Innovation Opportunities  
    • Google is enhancing the bid strategy dashboard in the shared library to provide more visibility into automated bidding performance.
      • Will be able to review the status of bidding strategies over time and review how they have been performing against your targets.
      • e.g. chart actual CPA against your target CPA over time.
  Enhanced Bid Strategy  


  • To be able to optimise and improve the performance of your marketing its important to understand the value of your ads.
Tracking Conversions…
  • Cross device conversions…
    • 9 out of 10 smartphone users start on one device and finish on another.
    • You can measure cross device conversions in Adwords using estimated total conversions.
    • iProspect noticed that they got 22% more conversions starting with a mobile click when using estimated total conversions.
    • Later this year you can take advantage of cross device conversions when estimated total conversions is included in automated bidding.
    • Web searches are not always just in browsers, sometimes we switch between browsers and apps and app usage is valuable but its not always easy to identify how valuable.
      • Later this year you will be able to measure conversions that started in a web and finished in an app and vice versa.
  • Google can track store visits in USA, Canada & Australia and will be increasing this to 10 more countries this year to help bridge the online to offline user journey.
    • Sephora noticed that using store visits, mobile clicks drove an 18% higher store visit rate compared to desktop clicks.
      • They enabled local inventory ads and optimised their bid adjustments to achieve a 15:1 return on ad spend.
Attribution Modelling…
  • 53% of marketers rate attribution as high or top priority in their business.
    • Most that use last click attribution want to use more advanced attribution modelling but struggle to implement it.
    • Google acquired adometry and is now making attribution actionable for users in search.
    • There are currently 5 attribution models and the model you use varies depending on your business goals.
  • Google releasing data-driven attribution model.
    • Say a purchase path that includes the following set of keywords had a conversion rate of 3%.A.) great tech gifts  ->  B.) highly rated tablets  -> C.) nexus 9 tablet
    • Say a path that includes just paths B and C has a conversion rate of 2%, this tells us that keyword A adds 1% point to the probability of conversion.
      • By doing this over 1000’s of conversion paths Google can calculate the actual contribution for every keyword in the account and optimise for the best performing ones across the conversion path.
  • You can select the attribution model in conversion action page in Adwords.
    • Now if you use automated bidding Google will automatically optimise keyword bids based on the actual value of your search ad across the conversion path respecting the model you selected.
  • Before switching to a new model you want to know how your campaigns would perform.
    • Google adding a new column showing you the number of conversions that would be attributed to your campaigns using each model.
      • This allows you to be able to evaluate the different models and select the model that works best for your business.
  Attribution Model   Updates on other reporting tools…
  • Adwords drafts & experiments to launch later this year.
  • Report editor starting rolling out to advertisers globally 2 weeks ago and will complete by the end of the year.
  • To help measure the incremental changes in marketing campaigns Google is introducing new tools available through account teams to help large advertisers design, setup and test on large scale controlled marketing experiments.
    • Allow you to test the incremental effects of display, search and video ads and provide deeper insight into what’s working and where there may be opportunities.
    • 1-800-Flowers used this to prove that Youtube Advertising was driving incremental sales whilst improving brand recall.
    • eBay setup an experiment that proved that GDN was delivering incremental conversions for them.
    • Can get started using this by contacting Google account rep today apparently.
  Reporting Hope you enjoyed! Thanks!   Written By Jamie Ludlow