Adwords Improves View Through Conversion Reporting

Adwords Improves View-Through Conversion Reporting

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  • On May 25, 2010
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Google’s adwords blog regarding “Improvements to view-through conversion reporting for display campaigns”  covers what all of us were waiting for to measure more effectively the ROI of the display adword campaigns on Google content network. Google had launched view through conversion reporting last year. The new improvement is next step to Google commitment to provide good reporting interfaces to optimise the content network display ads so that ROI can be maximised.
There are two main areas in which the PPC Company can get benefit:
1. Customizable view-through conversion window
2. De-duplication of search conversion reporting
With the new interface we can set the custome range for window, It helps to analyse the range for view-through conversions reported. Earlier the window was set for 30 days making it inflexible and thus annoying when one wanted to analyse a specific range. Depending on the advertisers business/ Product / Service one can analyse the date range. In some cases the decision to buy / call / action can be instant but in case of some of the services / products the decision making may be longer. These variations can be tracked pretty effectively with the new improvement in View Through Conversion reporting
The new interface also allows the option to exclude reporting for view-through conversions that are duplicated across both the Search and Content Networks. Thus search and content can be separated out; Google will de-duplicate if the user has clicked on the search advert.
I think the improvement is definitely a nice change it will help analyse the display spend much better and we at Broadplace Advertising Look forward to use the feature for our customers.
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