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Adwords Editor Download

Adwords Editor Download is available at Google Adwords Site here The Latest release for Google Adwords Editor is version 8.0.1 for Windows and Mac. Google Adwords editor is Free,  downloadable desktop application. It helps manage Google Adwords campaigns. It is very easy to manage large Adwords accounts. With AdWords Editor, you can: •    Work offline on your Mac or PC. •    Store and navigate one or more accounts. •    Upload changes to AdWords any time. •    Add, edit, and delete campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords, and placements. •    Make large-scale changes quickly. •    Sort and view performance statistics. •    Perform advanced searches and edits. •    Add comments for your changes. •    Copy or move items between campaigns, ad groups, and accounts. •    Import a backup or shared file and review the proposed changes. •    Export a snapshot of your account for archiving or sharing. More details are available here I am sure its going to be very useful for every PPC Consultant. Please visit Adwords editor download page and install the latest Adwords editor version for Windows / Mac Previous Post: New version of Adwords Editor Available Now