AdWords Editor 8.5 new release for Windows and Mac

AdWords Editor 8.5 New Release for Windows and Mac

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  • On November 7, 2010
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Good news for Google AdWords Users! A new version of AdWords Editor is released. The version 8.5 is for Windows and Mac. The new release support many of the new features available in the web interface of the Google AdWords. Among other additions, version 8.5 includes new tabs for managing Audiences, display ads created by the Display Ad Builder. Google has been focusing on the Mobile Advertising space a lot and this the new release also has tab for WAP mobile image ads!!! This is definitely going help PPC Management .

Google has been constantly updating the AdWords Editor and thus it makes managing big and complex PPC accounts easier. The release notes are available here .

The salient new features are:

WAP image ads: Manage the WAP image adverts easily. You can download and upload the WAP image adverts. You should be able to create and update the avderts in the Google Editor Ads Tab. I am sure this will make the interface very easy to manage the WAP image adverts.

Display ads: The new version supports display ads created by the Display Ad Builder.

• Download display ads into AdWords Editor.
• Copy and paste display ads between campaigns.
• Import and export display ads by using a CSV/XML/HTML file or the Add/Update Multiple Ads tool.

Audiences: Support is now provided for assigning Audiences from Remarketing Lists or Custom Combinations. Download, view, and assign audiences within the Audiences tab.

Some of the other features are:

“Mobile” renamed to WAP
Display URL warnings for exceeding character limits
Re-formatting exported keywords
Topic prefix for verticals (Verticals (also known as topics or category placements) are now shown with the prefix “Topic:” instead of “category”)
Campaigns tab active when ad group is selected https:// and httpss:// removed from placements

If you’re already using AdWords Editor, you’ll be prompted to upgrade automatically. After you install the new version, you’ll need to download your account again. To preserve your comments and unposted changes, select the ‘Backup then Upgrade’ option in the automatic upgrade prompt, then import the backup file after downloading the account.

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