Adwords Campaign Competition Analysis

Adwords Campaign Competition Analysis

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  • On June 12, 2010
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All Adwords Consultants / advertisers always thought how good it will be know how the competition doing; and Google seems to have heard that. Google in its post; AdWords brings you insight about the competitive landscape has unveiled a tool to analyse competition.
AdWords Consultant can manage various parameters like bids, adverts, destination url, budget, ad extensions to increase the ROI of the advertising budget. Various tools provided by Google AdWords Interface also provides to measure ROI and take informed decisions. But it adds a tremendous insight if one would know how others in the similar or same category of service / product companies doing. Google has release the new tool and Google claims “We’re aiming to bring more transparency to AdWords with the launch of Analyze competition in the Opportunities tab”
As of now this feature is available to limited AdWords advertisers but Google will roll it out to more advertisers very soon in future.
How does  “AdWords Campaign Competition Analysis” work?
‘Analyze competition’ as termed by Google; examines the AdWords campaign activity over previous two weeks and identifies the categories which are relevant to the products / services that you are advertising on. These categories are as per the search queries and they are matched against Keywords, Ad text and Landing Page text. For every category that the AdWords campaign represents one can see the performance against the average of that category.
I am quite sure this tool will be a good addition and PPC advertisers as well as every expert PPC Consultant would love using it to benchmark the performance of the AdWords campaign against the industry performance.

When you hover over the data in the ‘Competitive Range’ column, you’ll be able to see more details such as the exact size of your competitive range, the mean and median performance levels for this range, as well as data on the absolute top and bottom performers.

Adwords Opportunity Tab and Analyze Competition
The advertisers can also download the data in .csv file format.

Have a look at the Video to know more

We at Broadplace are looking forward to use the tool for our clients.
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