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How To Achieve Enviable Customer Satisfaction

by Dan Pillay, Head of Operations, Broadplace Advertising Ltd.

In the following article, you can learn the process which has led to industry-leading levels of advertiser satisfaction and retention as outlined by our MD, Ajay Syal, in Dublin at the recent Google Partner Conference:
Ajay Syal MD Broadplace Reviews Client Retention
As part of our efforts to promote high customer service levels we’ve kicked off this year with a whole new customer satisfaction rating process. We’ve given our clients the opportunity to rate our service in just a few simple clicks, as well as suggest ways to improve our products and services and put some goals in place for the next quarter. 
Customer Satisfaction
I’m immensely proud of the attention and focus we give our customer service levels, so I wanted to walk through the process, workflow and customer touch-points we have in place which allow us to:

  • Uncover potential issues
  • Highlight positive stories
  • Share knowledge within the team
  • Reduce response times
  • Put customers at the center of our product development


Customer Satisfaction Methodology

Customer Service
The methodology outlined above uses two interlinked customer feedback loops to put our customers at the center of our products both at the one-to-one level between a success manager and the customer which we believe drives rapid action.
At the same time we work with longer customer feedback loops, which are focused on improving single metrics; these are simple and effective to follow at corporate level and is a method outlined in further detail here: httpss:// – showing how focus on a simple metric such as NPS strengthens organisation-wide change.

Customer Feedback

These differing loop structures serve a purpose for service providers at a business level, allowing us to differentiate between the one-to-one experiences, as well as shifting company-wide standards. However, to me it is more important that they reflect how a customer actually experiences our products and services.
For example, a customer receiving a report wants to feedback instantly in the moment, just a few examples where instant feedback is important to a moment might be:

  • “I’ve just received a record lead, this report makes sense, do more of the same!” or maybe
  • “Stats look great, but I’ve just lost two clients so they don’t resonate with how I’m feeling now”
  • “This report caught me at a bad time, you’re seeing good results but I’m struggling…I need to react!”

In each of those cases it’s our job to make sure that we’re on hand to help the customer right then, getting the most out of our services and helping them navigate to repeated success, with benefits they understand.
At the same time, our customers have quarterly sales targets, monthly budgets, or yearly reviews, so it’s important we are pushing our products, strategy and services at regular, manageable intervals as well – with appropriate gaps given to the teams to measure, assess and iterate to improve overall performance. The kind of customer service innovation that needs more time to be truly disruptive and change the market is actioned by our teams, but tracked by focus on a few clear metrics – just like a customer might track their own business!
Through these service and satisfaction principals we are proud to share that in Q1 this year Broadplace has:

  • Launched 5 completely new products:
    • ConversionHub – Conversion Rate Optimisation software
    • Facebook Pay-Per-ClickCampaignHub large
    • CampaignHub – One stop budget delivery and optimisation software with in-demand
    • Responsive email reporting
    • CallHub – Customer requested call-tracking & recording technologyConversionHub-logo-large


  • Helped 62% of customers to invest more than this time last year, with better results!
  • Delivered over 12,000+ campaign performance reports.
  • Tracked more leads, conversions and sales than ever before for our customers.

These changes and actions have been instrumental in us receiving a fantastic 7.9 average satisfaction rating from our customers last quarter. We look forward to pushing this satisfaction metric up to 8.5 in Q2 through some of the exciting changes we’re making, as well as making each of your moments with us as special and rewarding as possible.

Thank you again to all our fantastic clients for all their feedback, support and time – we look forward exceeding your expectations again soon! To find out if we can make you a happy customer, give us a call on 020 3813 9146.

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