9 SEO Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

9 SEO Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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  • On April 14, 2010
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Keeping the right mix of SEO combination together can be a bit of a balancing game.  However, if you keep a few SEO tips in mind of what not to do, it might help you.  So today we are going to review the 9 most common SEO mistakes, so you cannot do these things and save yourself a ton of headache.  The first mistake you will want to avoid is not focusing solely on using the right keyword phrases on your site.  You want to build a balanced SEO project, and that includes backlinking, which will help your site gain popularity alongside with relevance. Your SEO Services Company will be able to help you regarding this
The 2nd most common of all SEO mistakes is to make sure you do use relevance and importance.  Make sure you do have SEO on your page and that you do have backlinks too.  Mistake #3 involves focusing too much on your homepage.  You can make a great home page, but if you don’t put anything into the other pages, you are selling yourself short. Use various keywords on different pages, and build backlinks to them all.  The fourth thing you can do to mess up your SEO campaign is to use single keywords rather than phrases. Sure, the single keywords will get you lots of eyeballs, but will it help your company reach their goals by getting the right eyeballs?
You simply cannot avoid the statistics and analytics. Doing so is mistake #5.  Check out the analytics and change what needs changing!   Among the list of top SEO mistakes is #6, which is obsession of analytics.  You don’t want to ignore them, but don’t make them your everything.  Mistake #7 is to be afraid to change anything because things are going well.  First of all, let’s make clear that SEO is based on a set of proven rules.  Secondly, fresh page content is going to catch the attention of search engines way more than pages that have not been updated.  The eighth mistake is to not allow your new little plant a little time to grow.   Yes, SEO works like a plant.  It needs a little time to get going.
The final and most powerful thing we can tell you about the top mistakes is #9.  Don’t read too many articles and blogs about SEO!  It’s good to learn, but many people fall into a trap of following every tip ever gave to them, and it is impossible to earn some internet consistency this way.  Try things, and see if they work!  Read sometimes, but don’t be obsessed about it. Hopefully these 9 SEO mistakes to avoid will help you in growing your traffic and business.
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