5 Ways to Ruin Your PPC Account

5 Ways to Ruin Your PPC Account

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  • On September 5, 2014
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A PPC account shouldn’t be a fragile thing, of course the ups and downs are inevitable, but overall the account should predominantly be stable. However, follow this list and you will lose all semblance of structure and the entire account will crumble before you.
1. No Changes
The PPC market is growing because companies are finding that there is potential for them to expand their business through PPC. This means that competition and the way one advertises though PPC will change, if your account stagnates, it will eventually lose its position.
Some examples of this are that bids will change and might not be adequate, the way people search can change, and ad copy won’t be up to date with the site’s content anymore
2. Too many Keywords in one Ad Group
One of the three definers of Quality Score (that Google shows in the AdWords interface) is Ad Relevancy, if an Ad Group has hundreds of keywords; it becomes increasingly difficult for the keywords to be relevant to the ad and to the landing page.
The number of impressions garnered by hundreds of keywords is going to be really high, and the number of clicks that are acquired usually don’t grow in a linear fashion. Therefore the CTR will decrease.


3. No Research
Researching for keywords and ad copy are incredibly important, without it we won’t know what people are looking for, what appeals to them and entices them to click, and we waste money on clicks that aren’t relevant.
4. Not using Negatives
Negatives were always an indispensible tool for anyone doing PPC but with the new changes in exact match they are even more crucial. Without the use of negatives, the number of wasted clicks can be pretty ridiculous; the things that people will search for are unfathomable.
The other part of negatives that is rarely considered is that you can make sure that you aren’t showing up for things that could be considered sensitive topics which you might not want your company to be associated with.
5. Changing of Budgets
This is something that comes up quite often; many people assume that budget change and performance should be locked and are correlated in a linear fashion. Of course accounts should be scalable and built for growth, but continually changing the budget too often will cause loss in clicks2 and conversions because the way keywords perform at different bids are not always the same and that needs to be adjusted when budget changes are made.
Keywords will generally perform differently when you have them at different CPCs and this is especially evident with flexible bid strategies. It takes time for reliable data to build up (depending on the performance of your account). Repeated budget changes can mean that you have to make decisions on data with a larger standard deviation.

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